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Practice Updates: Week of January 14-January 21

Practice Updates: Week of January 14-January 21

Swimmers and Parents please review:

Monday, January 14th: All sites are normal EXCEPT the GAC.  The GAC is hosting 2 high school conference meets and will not be allowing Monday afternoon/evening practices.  Swimmers affected go to Bryan YMCA 5-7:30pm, for 1 hour 15 min dryland and 1 hour swim practice. Masters will not be doing evening practice but welcomed to Bryan YMCA public lap lanes as available.

Tuesday, January 15th: All sites normal EXCEPT the Bryan YMCA.  The Bryan YMCA will close at 7pm, ALL groups that start AFTER 6pm will practice 6-7pm only, ALL groups starting prior to that will be normal EXCEPT dryland will be LAST not first (Age Group, Senior Prep 4:30 groups and National Prep 5:30 group will be SWIMMING first with dryland last).

Wednesday, January 16th and Thursday, January 17th: All sites normal, no exceptions that we know about!

Friday, January, 18th: Ragsdale is CLOSED for a high school meet, there is NO FlexFriday.  Only sites running are Bryan YMCA, normal Friday times when there is NO Flex Friday, and Spears, normal times and classes.  ALL swimmers from any site are welcomed to practice with appropriate levels/times at Bryan YMCA or Spears.  Friday is also the first day of January Jump Start, good luck to those swimmers competing!

Saturday, January 19th: Normal practice times BUT will be LIGHTLY staffed due to January Jump Start meet at the GAC.  We will not be offering dryland for the 7am-10am groups, that practice will be 7am-8:45am only.

Sunday, January 20th: No practices scheduled.

Monday, January 21st: Normal sites/normal times EXCEPT GAC swimmers will be 5-7pm only (out of water at 7pm, in water at 5pm, no dryland).

Resume normal practices Tuesday, January 22nd