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Laser Blast LC Invitational

On January 12th, the Cambridge Aquajets completed against 8 other competitive swim clubs at the Laser Blast LC Invitational Swim meet at the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre.  

Fifteen Aquajets placed in the top three for their events: 

  • Kaylee Cody Hodgson, 1st in 50m breaststroke (39.21);  
  • Ava Caron, 2nd in 400m medley (6:04.06) and 3rd in 200m breaststroke (3:04.23); 
  • Ella Caron, 1st in 400m medley (6:47.83) and 2nd in 200m breaststroke (3:25.36); 
  • Hannah Caron, 1st in 400m medley (6:19.36); 
  • Jack Croswell, 1st in 400m medley (5:53.19); 
  • Gabriel Dyer, 2nd in 200m breaststroke (3:14.78)and 3rd in 400m medley (6:28.58); 
  • Andrew Greenhalgh, 3rd in 100m backstroke (1:14.46); 
  • Brooke-Lynn Litwiller, 2nd in 200m breaststroke (3:11.31) and 3rd in both 50m breaststroke (40.58) and 400m medley (6:44.96); 
  • Sean Maile, 3rd in 50m butterfly (37.52) and 3rd in 400m medley (6:36.38); 
  • Samuel Pilkington, 2nd in 400m medley (5:25.65); 
  • Holly Richer, 2nd in 400m medley (6:20.04); 
  • Noah Roth, 2nd in 50m breaststroke (41.67); 
  • Edward Treiss, 2nd in 400m medley (5:58.33); 
  • Shaunna Walker-de Jong, 1st in both 50m butterfly (30.81) and 400m medley (5:46.46); and 
  • Mary Yakoub, 3rd in 400m medley (6:08.72).

Following the swim meet, swimmers had some well deserved fun at the 35,000 square feet Adventure Bay Family Water Park, before heading back to Cambridge.