Requesting Parent Help
And we are OFF!! What a great start to winter clinic. We are almost at our full capacity for Winter Clinic so if you haven't enrolled please do so asap before we turn off registration.
There are a few things we are asking parents to help out with:
1) During practice, please help clean up the deck and bathrooms prior to leaving. We don't have paid staff to clean up after our team so we depend on parent volunteers to help. Make sure the deck and the bathrooms are clean (leave no trace) prior to you and your swimmer(s) leaving practice. Put deck chairs back under tables and lounge chairs in line. Thank you for your help with this!
2) We are currently on a waiting list of 68 swimmers! If you know someone who wants to join our team please ask them to send us an email with the names and ages of their swimmers asap. Most likely, we won't be able to accommodate everyone on our wait list for this summer so the sooner they get on the wait list the better.
NOTE: All summer 2018 returning swimmers will have a spot on the team in 2019. Siblings of returning swimmers are given next priority. Then returning swimmers from previous years ... then new swimmers.
3) Bring in your old fins and practice suits for our recycle bin. We are starting to build our recycle bin and would love your donated gear!
If anyone wins the lottery (or has a LOTS of money to donate) please consider building TFS a new pool with 12+ Olympic swim lanes and a dive well to accommodate the demand.
Thank you for being the best team parents in the world! GO STINGRAYS!!!!