Schedule reminders + possible pool reopening next week

Dear Bluefins,

I am pleased to report that Shearwater PSP is now refilling the pool with water, with plans to open within the next week (quite possibly as early as this coming Mon Jan 21st 2019). If that happens, we would revert as soon as possible to our regular practice schedule, which is on this page of our website (and will also be updated in our Google Calendar).

For various technical reasons, PSP cannot yet provide us with an “official” notice of their opening date at this time, so I ask that you please stay tuned to your e-mail, our website and/or our club’s Google Calendar.

We will send out a message by 2:00 PM on Monday to indicate where that day’s swim practice will be held.

Dustin LindenSmith.


Below, please find screenshots of our schedule for the next few days. To click on the links and see more details, please view the Google Calendar from this page instead.