Meet Entry Fee Waiver for Families of Federal Government Contractors/Employees

In light of the ongoing Federal Government shutdown, the DC Wave Booster Club is waiving meet entry fees for any family of a Federal Government contractor or employee who may be furloughed or is negatively impacted by the shutdown.

We understand that this unusual situation is not fair, and may force you and your family to make some very difficult choices. Please know that if you do need help we are here to support your swimmer and family where we can. We seek to help ensure that your swimmer has every possible opportunity to fully participate in our program and compete with their friends and teammates.

Please contact us via email at to be placed on the Meet Entry Fee Waiver list. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Account Last Name
  • Swimmer(s) Name
  • Federal Government Agency or Position

Thank you again for choosing the DC Wave Swim Team!