Post HS Season Information for Senior Swimmers

(**Please reply back to this e-mail by Jan. 23 as to whether or not you will be returning to GOAL after HS season, and whether you want to be registered with USA Swimming so your end-of-season HS meet times can be used for USA & Midwestern Swimming purposes.)


Hello GOAL senior swimmers!


Please read through this carefully, as it covers a lot of stuff concerning GOAL senior groups and high school swimmers. 


The high school season is two-thirds done, so it is time to plan for the post-high school GOAL season.  The GOAL coaches are cheering on all of the GOAL swimmers to have great success both individually and with their teams at the upcoming high school championship meets.   It is always fun to see the swimmers really come through at the big meets, reaching their goals and having fun swimming very FAST!  


Everyone who would like to use their times from the Conferences and State meets for any USA Swimming reason (i.e. entry time for D1’s and Sectionals, Midwestern Swimming Top 8 Award eligibility, etc.) you must be registered for 2019 at the time of the swim.  The Westside Invite on Jan. 26, the Elkhorn Invite on Feb. 2, and the conference and state championships will all be HS observed meets, meaning anyone who is registered with USA Swimming at the time of their swims (and finish legally) will be able to use those times for USA and Midwestern Swimming purposes. Anyone practicing with GOAL after their high school season must also be registered with USA Swimming for 2019.  The following hs-aged swimmers are already registered for 2019:  Nicole Cogua, Andrew Hood, James Baltes, Megan Keller, Ella Frisbie, Ellie Ottens, Anush Samiev, Annie Carpenter, Maris Grabill, Maddie McLeay, Elle Miles, and Lia Murray.  


For those not listed and who do want to get registered, please e-mail me ( confirmation that you want to be registered for 2019.  I will be putting the $68 USA Registration fee on your invoices, so you will not need to send me a check at this time.  I will be sending in our registrations on Jan. 30, however, anyone swimming in the Westside Invite that would like to be registered before that meet, please let me know that.  Please reply back to this e-mail by Jan. 23, telling me whether or not to get you registered with USA Swimming for 2019.  Remember, based on GOAL financial policy, we need to be notified by Feb. 16 if you will not be an active member of GOAL Feb. 25 and onward.


We will resume our after-school senior-national and senior group practices on Monday Feb. 25.    Sectionals will be held in Columbia, MO two weeks after the NE State HS Championship Meet, on Mar. 7-10.  The D1 Qualifier Meet will be held in Council Bluffs on Mar. 1-3, and the MWS Championships (D1’s) will be held on Mar. 22-24 in Lincoln.  


Here is the practice schedulethru the Spring Break (times & locations may be adjusted based on attendance during this period):

Week of Feb. 25:  

Mon-Thur. Seniors 4-6 Pm at MC; SrNats 4-6 Pm at Burke

Fri. Seniors & SrNats 4-5:45 Pm at MC

Sat.  Seniors & SrNats 6:45-8:45 Am at MC

Week of Mar. 4:

M-W Mar. 4-6  Seniors 4-6 Pm at MC; SrNats 4-6 Pm at Burke

Thur. Mar. 7  SrNats & Srs  4-6 Pm at MC

Fri. Mar. 8  SrNats & Srs  4-5:45 Pm at MC

Sat. Mar. 9  SrNats & Srs  6:45-8:45 Am at MC

Week of Mar. 11:  

Mon-Thur. Seniors 4-6 Pm at MC; SrNats 4-6 Pm at Burke

Fri. Seniors & SrNats 4-5:45 Pm at MC

Sat.  Seniors & SrNats 6:45-8:45 Am at MC

Week of Mar. 18:

M-W Mar. 18-20  Seniors 4-6 Pm at MC; SrNats 4-6 Pm at Burke

Thur. Mar. 21  SrNats & Srs  4-6 Pm at MC

Fri/Sat Mar. 22-23  No Practices – MWS Championships in Lincoln

Week of Mar. 25:

No practices all GOAL groups.  GOAL spring break week.


Practices for the 2019 Long Course season will begin on Monday April 1 (No fooling!).  Any changes in groups or group assignments will not begin until April 1. 


Upcoming GOAL Championship Meet Info:

1. MWS Division 1 Qualifier & 8 & Under Championship.  Fri-Sun Mar. 1 – 3, 2019.  This meet will be an 8 & Under Championship, as well as a last chance meet for those 9 & Overs who do not yet have the D1 qualifying times.  We have been assigned to the meet at Council Bluffs Titan Hill Intermediate School.  Meet info is posted on the GOAL website.

2.  Sectional Championships    Mar. 7-10, 2019   Columbia, MO    Univ. of Missouri.  The meet will be swum in short course yards.  Sectionals is a very competitive meet, with many of the best swimmers in a 5-state region in attendance.  The pool at the Univ. of Missouri is considered one of the best aquatic centers in the region.  Times made during previous seasons may be used for entry purposes.  Times made at Conference Meets in early/mid February, and at the State H.S. Championships, may be used for entry into Sectionals, but you must have been USA registered for 2018 before the meets.  Entries are due to me by Monday Feb. 25. 


We are still waiting for the meet info to be posted, and as soon as it is it will be posted on the GOAL website.  You can view now on the GOAL website the meet qualifying times, current listing of qualifiers (both short course and long course cuts) and hotel information (in the event description). Hotel rooms in the GOAL block at the Hampton Inn University must be reserved by Thur. Feb. 7.  You must be logged in to your account to see the meet info. A preferred method for entering is to just write in on the comments box the days you will be there and to have me select your events.  Important note about Sectionals bonus entries:  please read the meet book, as there is a bonus events system for the meet.  Bonus event time standards are listed on the qualifying times document.  If a swimmer has anywhere from 1 to 4 meet qualifying times, they may enter up to 2 additional events where they have at least the bonus time.  If they have 5 meet cuts, they may enter a 6th event where they have the bonus cut.  Six individual events is the maximum allowed. Please indicate in the comments box which events you’d like to enter as bonus events, if applicableas you will not be able to select the bonus events on our website (I will need to do it from my end).  If you would need to find a ride/rooming arrangements, let me know and I will see if we can get you set up with someone else who’s going down.  

3.  Midwestern Swimming Championships (Previously called D1’s).  Fri-Sun Mar. 22-24, 2019, to be held at the Bob Devaney Sports Center in Lincoln.  This meet is one week later than usual due to a facility conflict.  You must have the Division 1 qualifying times to be eligible.  Times made from previous seasons (long or short course) may be used for entry purposes.  Entries for this meet will be due to me by Tue. Mar. 5.  Meet info is posted on the GOAL website.  Two changes to this year’s meet format:  1- bonus events are offered if you have at least 1 meet cut.  2- 50’s of the strokes are offered for the 13 & Overs (must have the 100 stroke cut to enter the 50, or the 50 stroke can be a bonus event if you have at least 1 meet cut).  We are encouraging this meet to be a team effort meet for all of our seniors.  Those swimming at Sectionals can consider this meet optional, but you are still encouraged to compete for GOAL at D1’s.  Please come and support your team (and inspire your younger teammates!).


Other items:

1.    CBSC B- / Open Meet, Sat/Sun Feb. 16-17.  This meet will be held at Council Bluffs Titan Hill Intermediate School.  Entries are due on the GOAL website by Wed. Jan. 23. For those who are done with their high school seasons and want a chance to make new D1 Meet cuts, this would be a great opportunity.


2.    Championship Meet suits.  With GOAL’s TYR sponsorship, we have access to discounts on TYR’s championship meet suits. Please contact Tricia at Elsmore Swim Shop:  515-223-4100 or email  tricia@elsmoreswim.comto inquire about this and place an order. (Maggie is on maternity leave with her Christmas Day baby boy!)




Thank you for swimming for GOAL!


Coach Tom



Sectionals Hotel Info – Columbia, MO Mar. 7-10, 2019

Thank you to Leanne McCullough once again for providing the following info on a GOAL swim block of hotel rooms for the March 2019 Sectionals Meet to be held at the Univ. of Missouri in Columbia:

Here is the info for the Group Block for Spring Sectionals.  The can click on this link to go to our custom page:  They can also go to the hotel webpage and type in Group Code GSC or call and give the same code.  We have 20 double queen rooms reserved for Thursday, Friday and Saturday (March 7-9) at a rate of $139.00 a night.  If people are planning on staying over on Sunday night they need to make sure to add that night on to the reservation.  Rooms need to be reserved by February 7thor they will be released.  Leanne



Hotel Name:

Hampton Inn & Suites Columbia (at the University of Missouri)

Hotel Address:

1225 Fellow's Place Boulevard


Columbia, Missouri 65201


Phone Number: