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Our VACA Wave College athletes check in

Our college athletes chime in and are making some WAVES!

Keeping in step with our college athletes is always interesting and as of late, both TIM LEE (UCSB/freshaman) and JONNY DYE (BYU/freshman) have some great stuff to share with our TEAM.

Letter to the WAVES from Jonny Dye….

I'm enjoying it out here in Provo, Utah! The mountains are beautiful and we're getting ready for another snow storm this week! It been awhile since I was in Vacaville last, but I think about Vaca often and am cheering you guys on!

My experience at college has been pretty good overall. As far as classes go, my professors have been great and I love being able to take classes in things I'm interested in, like racquetball, yoga, organ playing, clinical laboratory technique, and a lot more. There's definitely no end to what you can do here, aside from fun classes I've done intramural volleyball, I've seen a dozen musical or dance performances, and every week we have a devotional with some pretty dang awesome speakers. I even took a Social Dance class and got to compete the Cha Cha at BYU DanceSport!

I am still swimming (of course!) and even though my original plan was to walk onto the BYU swim team, unfortunately due to some school and NCAA policies the men's team budget was cut and they couldn't take any male walk-ons. That was pretty tough for me, especially because I trained the entire summer with the BYU swim team and got to know the coaches and the swimmers really well. But I decided to keep training and and am currently swimming with the UV Rays swim club (UV Rays as in Utah Valley Stingrays, but also Ultraviolet Rays - I'm convinced it's the greatest pun ever and think about it probably three times a week). Training, like always, is hard and demanding, and navigating the swimming world while going to college can be difficult, but somehow I manage!

Keep swimming strong!

-Jonny Dye

Letter to the WAVES from TIM LEE:

College swimming is so much fun. Everyone is excited to be there, and training is specified to what you swim in dual meets. For example because I do sprint and a little mid-distance, I mostly train with sprint group maxing out at 4000-5000 for the longer practices and then ~3000 during shorter practices focusing on all out dives, USRPT, and short rest intervals. There’s an expectation that you give 100% in practice everyday but it’s easy to live up too because everyone is always pushing each other to go faster, be stronger, etc. Weights is also really great because our coach is super funny and is always cracking jokes but she also makes sure we’re lifting correctly. The biggest thing is safety because we’re lifting serious weight like squatting 145 kilos (~319 pounds) and so on. At dual meets we’re constantly doing cheers, behind each others lanes, and just being loud. Relays are also huge everyone always gets super hyped for those.

Not everything is about swim though. The reason we’re really here is to get an education. We’re required to go to study hall (specifically athletes) for 10 hours a week unless our GPA is over 3.0 which isn’t easy to do. We also have the ability to get free tutoring (through the athletic department) if we need it. They make it really easy for us to succeed but the great thing is that a lot of swimmers end up in the same classes together where we can help each other out if we end up lost or in need. It’s also nice too because you only have three classes that you can schedule around swim practices.  Last quarter I got a 3.69 gpa which I worked for but I had a lot of help from all of these resources as well.

The team has become a huge family too. All the freshman live together, eat together, and hang out. It’s not just the freshman but the upperclassmen always make us feel included in things like last week we had a super smash bros tournament. Sometimes we’ll go get all-you-can eat barbecue and get kicked out for eating too much haha.
A couple of the guys on the team started a band and everyone always goes out and supports them.

If anyone has any questions please please reach out to me by email I’d love to answer any questions!

Miss you guys a ton!


Attached are pictures of Tim.  

The pictures depict a young Tim Lee butterfly vs present day
Tim Lee as he is depicted in the UCSB TEAM HANDBOOK/ROSTER
Tim Lee being recognized as SWIMMER of the MONTH for the UCSB Men's Team