Stingray's Winter Officials Clinics

 Stingrays Winter 2019 Officials Clinics

Newmarket Stingrays will be hosting Winter 2019 officials clinics.  As a reminder each family is required to take a minimum of one clinic per swim season.  

You are required to take the Introduction to Swimming prior to any other clinic.  You also need two sign offs in the position as Timer prior to working other positions.  We recommend working any position 3-4 times prior to requesting sign off.  

After taking the Introduction to Swimming clinic and securing two sign offs you should next take the Strokes and Turns clinic.  After Strokes and Turns any other clinic may be completed. 

For more detail on official certification and requirements please see below:


Clinic Times and Dates

February 6th 7pm - Introduction to Swimming Officiating - Magna Center - Multi-Purpose Room #1

February 7th 7pm - Strokes and Turns - Magna Center -Magna Center - Multi-Purpose Room #1

February 19th 7pm -  Introduction to Swimming Officiating - Magna Center - Board Room #1

February  21st 7pm - Chief Finish Judge/Chief Judge Electronics - Magna Center - Multi-Purpose Room #1

To sign up for the clinics click here:   


The Introduction to Swimming clinic is also available online at:


Once you complete an online clinic please inform Ximena by emailing:

For questions around officiating please contact Brian Wilson