Shearwater closed until Mon Jan 28th 2019

Dear Bluefins,

I regret to be the bearer of the bad news that PSP has suffered another setback with the pool that has pushed back their opening date to this coming Monday. It doesn't appear to be a serious problem; it's our understanding that a very regrettable human error was made by the water techs during the refilling process... :(

A snapshot of our next few days:

  • Tonight (Thu): 5:30-6:30 at Dalplex (all groups)
  • Tonight (Thu): 6:30-7:30 at Dalplex (AAA+AA)
  • Fri 25 Jan: 7:30-9:00 at Centennial (all groups)
  • Sat 26 Jan: NovaTech Meet #3 (Centennial, 1:00 warm-up for 1:45 start)
  • Sat 26 Jan: AAA Long Course practice at Centennial cancelled due to NovaTech Meet
  • Sun 27 Jan: 10:45-1:15 at Centennial (AAA+AA)
  • Sun 27 Jan: 3:15-4:30 at Centennial (BF+NT1+NT2+Maintenance)
  • Mon 28 Jan: (fingers crossed) 5:00-7:00 at Shearwater

We'll send another update by 2 PM Monday on that day's practice.

With thanks,