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Great Job at the Winter Classic

Great Job at the Winter Classic


BSC Teammates braved the snow and had a terrific meet at the Winter Classic. Over 400 athletes from the area attended the meet. This meet was a great set up meet coming off our break and leading into the last qualifying meet of the season. Championship season is right around the corner keep working hard for those new cuts and improving the cuts you have to scoring swims!


The following teammates had 100% Best Times:

Will Anderson, Krish Bector, Isabella Blaha, Jasmine Clark, Lucas Curttright, Eric Ding, Ysabella Dionisio, Kristin Kim, Matt Kravtsov, Christian Lee, Neela Lingala, Mallory Maxey, Will Monk, Chris Ng, Nathan Pynadath, Ana Rizvi, Rebecca Rocks, Aditi Sarangmath, Lila Schneider, Olivia Schwan, Antonika Shapovolova, Eric Shpigelskiy, Johnny Sun, Michael Sun, Jacob Tecza, Kevin Tecza, Tyler Thymian, Henry Wollack, Ella Yu

The following teammates achieved a Regional or Championship time:

Rylan Anselm, Judd Baron, David Basa, Luke Bucaro, Matt Bucaro, Jackson Curttright, Sydney Gross, Will Guo, Angelica Hil, Lauren Holman, Ian Johnson, Jenna Kerr, Rebecca Rocks, Tim Sardak, Johnny Sun,


Best Time Precentages By Group

Developmental: 95%

Colts: 86%

Ponies: 68%

Mustangs: 62%

Mavericks: 50%

Here are some things we did well:

Be Flexible and Adaptive—There was a dramatic difference between Saturday AM and the rest of the meet. Instead of throwing our hands up and laying down after a poor session BSC Teammates stepped up big time. The energy level and intesity of racing Saturday Finals and Sunday PM were much much better. I was proud to see every one seeing what needed to be done and going for it.

This weekend at the BSC winter classic we did a really great job checking in with coaches for pre-race and post-race feedback.  There was a lot of positive feedback and interaction that I noticed between all the coaches and athletes. It is so important to get those last minute instructions  right before a race and equally imporant to get coach feedback directly after each race.  Great Job!

Here are some things we need to work on:

Postive Attitude at all times—What comes out of your mouth needs to serve the best of who we are as a team. When someone says “can we not come back for finals” or “I'm going to go slow” or “do we have to warm-up”. These are not team friendly or performance friendly things. We go to meets to test our training both physically and mentally and have fun racing together, Let's really make an effort to make sure that what we say reflects positively on ourselves and our team. Positive team talk makes workiing hard and racing even harder easier. Make what you say team positive and preformance positive.

Focus on the Process---You are not going to go a best time every meet. This is a mathematical fact.  The best thing BSC teammates can do is key in on positive things from the race:  technical improvements, tactical improvements, great racing.  Then go over the race with things that need work for next time. Talk these things over with your coaches right after each race. Then at practices leading up to the next meet execute those changes.  You may not see a best time every time, but you will see consistent progress and you will be happier about it.