CDSC Meet Write Up

Meet write up CDSC Invitational January 18-19, 2019


The Knights of Surrey sent a delegation of 24 Knights in development to sharpen their skills and learn new ones in preparation for their home meet next weekend.  For many it was their first swim meet which started on a Friday. School in the morning and battles in the water in the afternoon! Our Development Knights are at the stage in their career where they need to qualify for the Tier 1 (age group provincial championships) to continue their progression towards Knighthood!


On Friday we had several swimmers brush the standard in the 200IM which only means that with a few more tighter streamlines, longer underwater push and a few less breathe, they will qualify too. Seoyeong however did break the standard and now only needs 1 more race under the standard to be able to compete at the Championship.


On Saturday, Aasha on her first 200 butterfly ever qualified for her first Tier 1! She now needs to do the same in the 200 IM to add her name to the list of Knights competing at the Championship on Feb 22-23-24 in the very same pool.  Tova did impress with her last 25 in the 200 free. She definitely unleashed the beast and with this experience she is now better prepared to do the same in her practices. It becomes easier to unleash our beast with practice so she will put all efforts in doing the same in workouts.  Judy made a big move by discovering how much fun it can be to really race for the fun of it! She probably will be one to watch in workout! Ameerah freaked herself out as she reached a level of caring for her performance which she had never experienced before. With this experience she is now more ready than ever to take her swimming to the next level!


I could go on as all our Knights raced with courage and because they gave it their best shot, they learned extremely valuable lessons that will help them get even better.  Many of them even recorded their lessons in their log book to keep track of their progress and for future reference.


This write up wouldn’t be complete without also mentioning the parents who volunteered as timers on Friday and Saturday. Mary, Julie and Jeremy, Thank you! (Jeremy spent over 12 hours Saturday behind the block timing!!!)


The Knights are very proud of all of you!