New Provincial Record from Addison Butler

25 January 2019 (Calgary, AB) - The Cascade Swim Club has had a number of new “firsts” over the past couple of weekends including a new Swim Alberta Provincial Record mark from 13 year-old Addison Butler. Butler crushed a 1:01.93 this past weekend at the Pugsley’s Plunge in the 100m IM - taking down the old mark set in 2016 by Josh Nordstrom of Edmonton Keyano in a time of 1:02.00. This is Addison’s 2nd medley record of the year with the 1st coming back in December at the JP Fiset meet where he took the 200m IM mark (a time from all the way back in 2004) with a result of 2:14.00. Addison has a career total of four provincial records so far and has been having a stand out 2018-2019 season through the first few months.

Cascade All-Time Top-5 Swims

Boys 13 years-old


1. Butler, Addison 1:01.93

2. Hou, Stephen 1:04.27

3. Liew, Danael 1:07.37

4. Werner Enns, Kadin 1:09.21

5. Sheehan, Dawson 1:09.40


1. Butler, Addison 2:14.00

2. Pratt, Cole 2:16.48

3. Liew, Danael 2:20.71

4. Hou, Stephen 2:21.38

5. Werner Enns, Kadin 2:25.61

Also this past weekend we had a couple of new qualifiers make first-ever standards as Camryn Dale, Parker Deshayes and Alexa Warren all made their first ever Alberta Championships qualifying time at the Pugsley meet as well. Championship season is just around the corner with a bunch of big meets for everyone coming up in March & April - fasten your seatbelts it is going to be quite a ride!