ECA Coaches' Corner - Meet Ashley Carter!

ECA's Coaches' Corner - Meet Ashley Carter!

How did you get into coaching?

  • I decided I wanted to become a swim coach while I was in High School. I was working as a lifeguard and swim instructor for my school as well as various swim camps, and my best friend had recently become a coach for our town’s club team. I loved teaching children and knew that becoming a swim coach was the next step in my journey.  

How long have you been coaching with ECA and what is your position now with ECA?

  • I have been coaching with ECA – Camp Lejeune for slightly over a year. I am one of Camp Lejeune’s assistant coaches. I primarily teach white, purple, and black groups. I also implemented a small drylands program on Wednesdays before practice for our purple and black groups.

What is the biggest challenge?

  • I wouldn’t say there are many challenges associated with my position. I absolutely love what I do but if I had to pick one, I would say it’s sometimes difficult to create a practice that appeals to both the competitive and non-competitive swimmers. I want all of my swimmers to enjoy practice no matter why they choose to swim. 

What is your greatest reward with coaching?   

  • The greatest reward with coaching is simply seeing the joy on my swimmers faces. Knowing that I am positively impacting their day brings such a smile to my face. I love seeing my swimmers realize their protentional both in and out of the pool. It makes me so proud to see their confidence continuously building. 

Who’s your coaching role model?

  • My coaching role model is the Head Coach of the Long Island Dive Club, Coach George Taylor III. Coach George was my club diving coach for 8+ years. He brought both my brother and I to unimaginable heights in our diving careers. I have always looked up to Coach George for many reasons, the most important being that he made diving fun. Practices were challenging yet fun, and he wasn’t only a coach but a friend. Coach George himself was a phenomenal diver, and served our country in the United States Marine Corp. To this day, Coach George and I still talk and have a great friendship. He has greatly influenced the Coach I am today. 

What is your day job?  

  • During the day I am a full-time college student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I am studying Elementary Education and I cannot wait to have my own classroom one day!

Tell a little about your Family?

  • My family is small, but filled with love and support. Its just my parents, younger brother Patrick and myself. My brother Patrick is the 2-time New York State diving champion. He continued his diving career by attending the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, where he was recruited onto the Varsity Dive Team and studies Ocean Engineering. Patrick is easily my best friend. 

Do you have any Hobbies away from the pool?

  • Away from the pool I love to explore new cities and enjoy everything this world has to offer. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, especially to tropical resorts. I try and enjoy every free moment that I have by trying new things and always striving for as much happiness as possible.