Update for the Week Starting 1/28




Here are the changes for the week:


Tuesday:  After school activities at Masuk are canceled, so Developmental, Freshmen, and Juniors are canceled

Sophomores will practice 6-7 at SCC.


Wednesday 1/30 Practice Update

Masuk is closed today.  Please see the amended schedule below.

Juniors will practice at SCC 6:45-8:15

Pre-Seniors and Sophomores are canceled

All other groups on as scheduled at SCC


Updated Schedule for Thursday 1/31

Pre-Seniors, Seniors, and Nationals 4:30-6 at SCC

Freshmen and Juniors 6-7 at SCC

Developmental and Sophomores are canceled


Friday:  Developmental will practice at SCC 6-6:45


Saturday:  Pre-Seniors, Seniors and Nationals will practice at SCC 9-11

Juniors and Sophomores will practice at Masuk 10:30-12

Freshmen will practice at Masuk 10:30-11:30


Reminder:  Please sign up for championships if you haven't already done so, especially Regionals.


Note from Coach Chuck: Swimmers should not be attending their siblings' practice if their own is canceled. We understand how frustrating it is to have a practice canceled, but groups and schedules are based on available pool space.  We would offer all if we could, but we can't have everyone attending their sibling's practices due to space and fairness to those who do not have siblings in a different group.  Thank you for your understanding.