Important safety information for SASO swimmers and families


SASO Participants and Families-
The safety and security of our swimmers is of utmost importance to both the SASO coaching staff and Board of Directors. Recently, a few issues have come to our attention so I am including some very important information for all.  Please read through the information carefully, and let us know if you have any questions.
Coaches will have a meeting Monday afternoon from 4:45-5:00 pm for Age Group and Junior swimmers to review safety and locker room rules.
It is important for us to remember, SASO swimming is an outside rental group at all of the locations where we swim (Solano College, Kroc Center, and Rodriguez High School).  As renters we must follow all rules and leave the smallest footprint possible at each facility. This will allow us to maintain a positive relationship with the facility-managers, as well as maintain a safe and healthy environment for our participants.  
Locker Rooms
Locker rooms are available for changing, showering and restroom use before, during and after practice.  However, swimmers should be reminded to minimize their time in the locker rooms as they are shared by multiple programs. Please note: there is no adult supervision in the locker rooms, swimmers ages 12 and under should not use the locker rooms alone. If a swimmer is using the locker room of the opposite gender from their parent. Their parent should remain outside the door to monitor their safety. During practice, swimmers are encouraged to enter the locker room with a teammate, but before and after practice, it is the parent’s responsibility to supervise their participant during locker room use.  
Cell phone use of any kind IS NOT allowed in the locker rooms.
Participants should use the locker rooms as they are intended at all times. Please remind your participant, locker rooms are not a play area or social space. Any damage caused by a SASO participant will be their financial responsibility. 
Handicapped shower heads should not be used by participants, unless adaptive needs are present; in the case the shower head is needed, it should be used as designed.
Parents who are dropping off are responsible for their swimmers until practices begins, and should be ready to receive their swimmers as soon as the practice is over. As stated, the locker room time is not supervised by SASO staff.  

The round about is available for quick drop off, however, cars may not park for extended periods of time. Staff or handicapped parking spots are also not approved for drop off without the appropriate placard or permit. We encourage all parents to park legally and walk in to escort your participant from your car to the pool area. 
Our rental agreement and supervision is limited to the pool area. In order to ensure a safe experience for all, unaccompanied participants MUST remain in the pool area. They may gather in either the parents’ viewing area or the swimmer area under the tents.  SASO participants are not to wander on the pool deck or outside the pool area including in or around locker rooms, gym lobby, or breezeways.
Parents should plan to pick up their swimmers immediately following the end of practice.  Parents are responsible for their swimmers once they leave the pool deck including any time spent in the locker rooms.

Typically, coaches stay on deck following practices in order to complete all the responsibilities associated with our pool rental agreement. However, the coaches are not responsible for the swimmers once they have exited the pool deck area at the end of practice.
All swimmers MUST be supervised following the end of practice. We encourage all parents to park legally and walk in to escort your participant from the pool area or locker room to your car. The round about is available for quick a pick up, however, cars may not park for extended periods of time. Staff and handicapped parking spots are also not approved for pick-up without the appropriate placard or permit.
Parking-Solano College
Parents and swimmers should park in the student parking lots, or pick up zone near the student parking lot. Staff parking spaces are reserved for Solano College staff. All handicapped spaces require the appropriate placard, and parking permit.
The college is now enforcing spring parking rules…so be sure to have a valid parking pass displayed at all times! You may purchase a pass online or by completing our parking pass application and submitting that with a check or cash to our parking liaison Deanna Westad. Parking information can be found in the participant folder area on deck. 
Thank you all for your cooperation in maintaining a safe environment for all. We value your partnership and diligence in keeping our members as safe and secure as possible. 

Ricky Silva
Head Coach-SASO Swimming
Assistant Coach-Solano College
707-980-8934 team phone
650-393-9634 cell phone