ASCA World Clinic


I would like to have you send out an email out to the entire North Texas Membership telling them the following information about the 2019 ASCA Clinic.  Please type it up how you want and what you think is the best in this situation.  As you know John Leonard has sent some North Texas coaches an email about getting the LSC to pay for every coach to attend the 2019 Dallas ASCA World Clinic.  My plan is to give the LSC a proposal and plan by middle to the end of February for the Spring House of Delegates meeting.  My proposal will ask the HOD a couple of ways to help offset clinic costs for coaches in our LSC.  It will include John Leonard's plan as well as 2 others for the NT HOD decide on in April.  It will be up to the HOD to decide what is best for our LSC and coaches.  However, in the meantime ASCA is offering reduced prices for earlier you sign up.  Here is the cost breakdown.

Clinic Registration Rates By Membership 

Registration Type: 

Jan - 
Feb 1

Feb 2 - 
Mar 29

Mar 30 - 
Jun 28

Jun 29 - 
Aug 9

Aug 10
Aug 30


Current ASCA Member 







New / Renew membership 








New Life Plus US Member 

(Includes ALL Future ASCA World Clinic Registrations) 

New Life Plus International Member 

(Includes ALL Future ASCA World Clinic Registrations) 

Current Life Plus Member 



If our NT teams wait till this motion is passed or failed, our teams will miss out on the 2 early registration time frames.  Thus, John Leonard has offered to our LSC only, early bird $200 registration to any club coaches who email him with the number of coaches and team that would attend the World Clinic before Feb. 15, 2019  (John Leonard (  Thus, our teams need to know they can still get the early bird special after the NT HOD Spring Meeting if they email John by Feb 15.  Therefore, I'm asking you to email the teams in North Texas with this information so no one is left out of these early bird pricing that is closing in 9 days.

Please let me know how I can help and if this is possible.  Just want to get the best deal for our coaches and teams in the LSC.

Thank you


Jason Walter

Head Coach 

Lakeside Aquatic Club