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Center Grove Super Bowl Splash: Congratulations to all athletes who competed this weekend at the meet. We had a phenomenal meet where we picked up many more divisional cuts as a team as well as 2 Age Group State cuts from Brielle Vail and Collin Anderson! Keep up the good work LST!

Spring Calendar: the April/May calendar is up and running on the website. Remember to click on your group’s dropdown menu to see the calendar.

Yearly Calendar: As you are well aware, we are continuing to try and improve the quality of the product we have and maximize the experience and potential of each of our athletes. With that in mind we have made some minor changes to the yearly practice schedule. Please make sure you check it out.

SCY Winter Championships:

·         Divisionals : The divisional championships are being held at North Central high school on March 1-3. This meet has time standards to qualify but if you are planning on going, even if you do not have the cut yet, please commit to attending on the website. The deadline to sign up is 2/18. You must sign up and commit to the meet to swim.

·         Age Group State: The age group state championships are being held at IU Natatorium downtown on March 8-10. This meet has time standards and anyone with the standard will be entered in the meet. Please discuss this meet with your group coach or coach Matt Moen.

·         Senior State: The senior state championships (15 & over) are being held at Pike high school on March 15-17. This meet has time standards and anyone with the standard will be entered in the meet.


This Week

·         Monday: No practice

·         Tuesday-Saturday: normal practice schedule


Meet Sign up page

LST Day of Power – 2/8/19

Divisional Championship - 2/18/19

Coach’s Segment

Yearly Schedule: As aforementioned, we have made some minor changes to the yearly practice schedule.  The most signification group affected by this is the foundation group. In order to create the most ideal practice environment for teaching and training, we have decided to create a separate schedule for the 8 & under, and 9-10 athletes. If you have any questions regarding this change please do not hesitate to ask.


LCM Summer Meet Schedule: The summer event schedule is posted on the website both on the Events & Swim Meets page as well as the group calendar

·         Flight School: The first week back in the spring starting on Tuesday, April 2, we will have all the kids go through “Flight School”. It is a week dedicated only to starts, breakouts, turns and finishes. This will help everyone “Fly” through the water! The schedule will be different than normal so make sure you check the calendar for those days and times.

Athlete Gear : As most of you know we have our online team store up and running. You can access the store following the link or from our home page on the website. We have everything on there discounted just for LST. The password to access the team store is: golst

Locker Room: The locker rooms are available for changing before and after practice for the LST athletes. Here are a few more guidelines for locker room usage:

o   DO NOT store your bag in the locker room unless it is locked up. We are not the only people using the locker rooms. You may keep the bag on deck where it can be monitored more closely.

o   5 minutes is the total change time allotted before and after practice. Please be respectful of the coaches’, teammates’, and parents’ time.

o   NO PHONES: refrain from using any phones in the locker room

Pick-up/Drop-off: Pick up and drop off will be at door number 8. Parents, please remind your athletes to change and go directly to the pool deck to meet for dryland. For pick-up, our expectation is that the athletes get picked up within 10 minutes of the practice finishing. If you have an athlete that will be picked beyond the ten minutes after practice, the swimmer must report to the pool deck and the parents must come in to pick up their swimmer. We cannot monitor the back hallway at all times so for the safety of our athletes, please try and pick up your kids in a timely manner.

New Members: To all the new members, welcome to the best swim club in the Indianapolis area! If you have not yet done so, please email coach Joel ( ) a copy of your birth certificate to go along with your first registration.

Safe Sport: Athletes and parents, make sure you participate in USA swimming’s safe sport training:  Safe Sport Athlete Training and Safe Sport Parent Training.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc… please feel free to contact me. I can be reached at:, (317) 517-5348