The Weekly Wave (1/28)
Open minded people embrace being wrong, are free from illusions, don't mind what people think of them, and question everything even themselves.

PVS JANUARY DISTANCE MEET…was a great opportunity for our swimmers to compete in the long sprint events.  The upper level squads prepare for this meet during the season.  For some it is their first opportunity to swim the longer races while others have swam them before and working on challenging themselves to swim better and faster.
The BC, GT, BT & RT squads work to swim this meet as a team during the season swimming the 500’s and 1000’s at other meets to be able to compete at this meet.
We Broke 2 Individual Team Record:
  • Andrew Char broke the four year old record in the 11-12 500 free by almost three seconds with a 5:28.95 while breaking the four year old record in the 11-12 1000 free by over seventeen seconds with a 11:01.01.
The Following Swimmers Achieved Time Standard Improvements:
  • Charlie Barker: BB-1650 Free, 1000 Free
  • Jasmine Boggs: A-1000 Free, 500 Free
  • Nathan Bruley: BB-1000 Free
  • Dylan Byer: A-1000 Free, BB-500 Free
  • Samantha Carr: A-1000 Free
  • Giada Fassacesia: B-1000 Free
  • Adison Gregory: BB-1000 Free
  • Gavin Harrison: BB-1000 Free
  • Megan Helge: B-1000 Free
  • Anna Klotz: BB-1000 Free, 500 Free
  • Kylie Landry: B-1000 Free
  • Lauren Long: A-1650 free, 1000 Free
  • Shreya Paliwal: B-1000 Free
  • Jordan Pham: BB-1000 Free
  • Ryan Rounds: B-1650 Free
  • Tyler Rounds: BB-1000 Free
  • Harrison Scarboro: B-1650 Free, 1000 Free, 500 Free
  • Isabella Sian: B-1000 Free
  • Quinn Wall: B-1000 Free

RMSC JANUARY INVITE…was a great meet on so many levels. Everyone swam very well showing the improvements they have been working very hard on during practices.  There were so many pleasantly surprised looks on faces after doing an event for the first time or after swimming lifetime best. This is all made possible due to the dedication that each of you have been showing each practice. It was a very successful meet all around, way to go BLUE WAVE!
We Broke 5 Individual Team Record:
  • Matthew Char shaved a bit off his previous record in the 9-10 100 free with a 1:03.28.
  • Jasmine Boggs shaved a bit off the five year old 11-12 50 back record with a 29.89.
  • Nathan Bruley shaved a bit off the year old 11-12 200 back record with a 2:13.80.
  • Christopher Qian crushed the five year old record in the 11-12 200 fly by over nine seconds with a 2:22.82.
  • Gavin Bock shaved a bit off the five year old record in the 15-18 100 back with a 54.18.
The following team members either improved their score or earned their first score of the season!
9&U Year Olds
  • Avery Edwards (634)
  • Matthew Char (3903)
  • Kyle Gadsby (1214) – NEW BRONZE LEVEL MEMBER
  • Jack Miceli (2468) – NEW SILVER LEVEL MEMBER
  • Joshua Song (804)

10 Year Olds

  • Audrey Hayward (1655)
  • Katie Helge (610)
  • Jack Harrison (1111) – NEW BRONZE LEVEL MEMBER
  • Griffin Hart (1069) – NEW BRONZE LEVEL MEMBER
11 Year Olds
  • Giada Fassacesia (1246) – NEW BRONZE LEVEL MEMBER
  • Carly Hanlin (799)
  • Anna Klotz (2220)
  • Caleb Johnson (1088)
  • Cooper Leurs (121)
  • Tyler Rounds (1932)
  • Jake Rowley (1180)
  • Max Wilson (803)
12 Year Olds
  • Samantha Carr (2171)
  • Campbell Cowen (731)
  • Adison Gregory (1717)
  • Jake Anderson (1075)
  • Nathan Bruley (2290) – NEW SILVER LEVEL MEMBER
  • Andrew Char (2640)
  • Jack Edwards (11)
  • Mason Egbert (502)
  • Gavin Harrison (1635)
  • Owen Linares (510)
13 Year Olds
  • Allison Decarlo (188)
  • Megan Helge (1428) – NEW BRONZE LEVEL MEMBER
  • Addisen Merced (129)
  • Charlie Barker (1983)
  • Ryan Rounds (1913)
  • Harrison Scarboro (1996)
  • Morgan Vannell (1210) – NEW BRONZE LEVEL MEMBER
  • Joe Wilson (743)
14 Year Olds
  • Abigail Martin (676)
  • Maria Stalcup (1574)
15 Year Olds
  • Emma Vannell (1804)
(A note about the CLUB TSUNAMI shirts. We are redesigning them so if you have achieved a new level you will receive yours when the updated versions arrive.)
The Following Swimmers Achieved Time Standard Improvements:
  • Jake Anderson: BB-200 IM
  • Charlie Barker: BB-100 Fly, 400 IM
  • Naska Batjargal: B-400 IM
  • Chance Bennion: B-200 IM
  • Jasmine Boggs: AAA-50 Back; AA-50 Breast, 200 Free
  • Nathan Bruley: A-200 IM, 100 Fly; AAA-200 Back
  • Samantha Carr: A-50 Back, 200 IM, 50 Breast, 50 Fly, 100 IM; AA-50 Free
  • Andrew Char: BB-200 Fly; AA-100 IM
  • Matthew Char: AA-50 Back; AAA-100 Free; AA-100 Fly
  • Charlotte Clavin: B-500 Free, 100 Breast
  • Keelan Delaney: B-50 Fly
  • Giada Fassacesia: B-200 Breast, 200 IM, 200 Free
  • Brody Fox: B-50 Free
  • Kyle Gadsby: B-200 IM, 200 Free
  • Lily Greenwood: B-200 IM, 100 Fly, 200 Free, 100 Free; BB-50 Free
  • Adison Gregory: AA-200 Breast
  • Gavin Harrison: A-50 Back; BB-50 Breast, 200 Back, 200 Free
  • Jack Harrison: B-100 Breast; BB-50 Back, 200 IM, 50 Free
  • Griffin Hart: B-200 IM, 100 Fly
  • Audrey Hayward:A-100 IM
  • Katie Helge: B-200 IM
  • Megan Helge: BB-400 IM, 100 Back
  • Anna Klotz: BB-200 IM; A-50 Free
  • Ava Levin: BB-200 Breast; B-50 Back
  • Everly Livingston: B-100 Breast, 100 Back; B-200 Free
  • Abigail Martin: B-400 IM; BB-100 Free
  • Jack Miceli: BB-200 IM, 200 Free, 50 Free
  • Kristen Myers: BB-200 IM
  • Natalie Nicholson: B-50 Free
  • Helena Pakiela: B-200 Free
  • Ian Park: BB-200 Free; A-50 Fly
  • Jordan Pham: B-200 Breast
  • Christopher Qian: A-200 Breast; AA-200 Fly
  • Ryan Rounds: B-400 IM; BB-200 IM, 100 Free
  • Tyler Rounds: BB-50 Back, 100 Free, 100 IM
  • Jake Rowley: B-200 IM, 100 Breast, 50 Free
  • Nathan Rowley: BB-100 Breast
  • Elle Santucci: BB-50 Back, 200 IM; B-200 Back, 50 Fly
  • Harrison Scarboro: B-200 Back
  • Aanya Shah: B-100 Free
  • Isabella Sian: BB-100 Fly; B-400 IM, 200 Breast
  • Joshua Song: B-100 Fly
  • Morgan Vannell: B-100 Breast, 400 IM, 200 IM
  • Coby Wall: B-50 Back, 200 IM, 200 Free

Ones in  BOLD  are the first time standard improvement for that event discipline

COACH MIKE'S CORNER: Words Are Powerful!...By Coach Mike
Being a bit of a Star Wars geek, I have always loved this quote by Yoda.
“No! Try not! Do or do not, there is no try.” -Yoda
However, I was always confused, by “there is no try”. What did he mean by that? You grow up and your parents say to you, just try it and see if you like it. Teachers said, just give it a try and see if it works. There are so many more examples, but when Yoda spoke those words, he teaches a very valuable lesson. When you say, “you’ll try”, you are lying. If you tell yourself that you’re “going to try”, you’ve subconsciously planned to fail, and it gives your brain an out. This doesn’t mean that you must do everything that is asked of you. If you don’t think that something is the best use of your time and energy, you can honestly and clearly (and kindly) say no. But if you choose to take something on, commit to it with all your might. You either do it or you don’t and if you fail in the process of doing at least you truly learned something.
What I’m getting at is that words are powerful. They set expectations and limits and send messages to our brains and even our bodies about how much we are capable of. You may discover that you may use self-limiting words without even realizing it. Our subconscious may choose safe words that make unimportant things feel huge and other words that allow wiggle room to avoid doing the big things we want to do. MORE...

"Mediocrity; set the bar low enough and everyone can pretend to be exceptional." –Bruce E. Brown