WE WANT YOU, as a USA Swimming Official!

There will be a workshop for ANYONE who would like more information about becoming a USA Swimming Official.  The workshop is scheduled for Monday, January 28 at 5:30pm in the Clovis North Staff Lounge (on the North side of the D building).

Clovis Swim Club currently has several officials who have children who are in their final year(s) of High School and may not continue officiating.  We need to bring in some new people with caring hearts to help keep our sport fair and meaningful.

At each swim meet, volunteer officials are needed to make sure that swimmers are competing legally.  There are typically 6-8 officials needed in order to allow the swimmers’ times to be counted as legal.  The past several meets have been officiated to the minimum degree allowed for times to count. 

Please consider coming to the workshop, if you have any desire to see what officiating is all about.  Those who officiate do not need to have prior knowledge of the sport, and will receive lots of training, and time shadowing during swim meets before being certified officials.  It is also a great way to pick up your volunteer hours and to show your young people your support for their efforts in the pool. 

If you have an interest in officiating, but can not make it to the meet, please go ahead and send an email to Jennifer McDougal:   If you have an interest and can be there, by all means, please do!