What to Expect Regarding Work Hours and Jobs During Championship Meets

What to Expect Regarding Work Hours and Jobs During Championship Meets

 All championship meets are AWAY except for YMCA 12/Under STATES,
 which we host and it is a requirement for all Tiger Shark families to work (except Lemon Sharks). 
As stated in our hand book on page 10: Each family must work at the YMCA 12 & Under State Championships, held at Ocean County YMCA on February 22nd-24th, 2019. Families with a 12&Under swimmer are required to work two shifts; families with a 13&Over swimmer are required to work one shift. You MUST work regardless of whether or not you have a child competing in this meet. Families with swimmers in the meet will be required to work all sessions the swimmers attend. You will be fined $50/$100 if you do not work your required one/two session(s) or $50 per session you have a swimmer in the meet. This fine will be billed directly to your credit card on file in our Team Unify system. Families with swimmers in the SAN, MKO, THR, REF, HMH, BUL, GWT, SRS, SRG, SRN groups will be required to work this meet

All AWAY Championship meets will have jobs assigned unless you are a working Official
(you will confirmwith Michelle Denlea which sessions you will be working).

Jobs include but are not limited to Timing, Marshaller, and Parent Check- In.
The away meet host teams will usually send us the OCY assignments the week leading up to the meet;
giving us a specific number of lanes we will need to cover per session. Once we have that we then go
through and assign the necessary/required jobs for our team. AWAY jobs are normally emailed a few days
before the meet as well as posted on the meet page. If you do not receive an email by the Thursday prior
to the meet, please click on the meet then scroll to the bottom and if “timing assignments” is there you can
click on it to open the document with job assignments.

Timing/Job assignments take multiple things into consideration:
           -will you be a working Official at the meet
           -how many hours you have versus others attending (the less hours you worked all season the more
likely you are to get assigned)
            -which events your swimmer is in (you might have a high number of hours but have the only
swimmer in the last event)
            -special needs or request (illness or other factors that we have been made aware of ahead of time)
            -scratches made ahead of receiving timing assignments

     As has been stated all season:If you have a swimmer in the meet, you should be working. Championship
season is no exception. If you have made the minimum number of hours required for your swimmer(s) (if
you have multiple swimmers use the highest number required and add 5 hours for each additional
swimmer) you are still eligible to be assigned to work.
     Our Work Hour Requirement has fines if you do not show up to work a job you have signed up for and/or
were assigned and that is $50 per job. When you sign up for a job or are assigned a job, we are working on
the good faith assumption that you will be there for the swimmers. When you are not there to do your job
and have not found someone to cover you, it leaves those that are present scrambling to cover your job.
Additionally, when you are assigned to be an “alternate” please know you may be asked to cover and will
be be expected to take the job. The alternate list is typically listed in order of who should be asked first
due to having the least number of hours worked. All jobs are important for running meets.
     If you know your swimmer will not be attending a meet you previously signed them up to swim, it is important to email the coaches to let them know as soon as possible so they can let me know you will not be available: (if 13/over) or (if 12/under)
      The 12/Under State Championship is here at the OCY and is a requirement for all families (except Lemon Sharks); One(1) job/shift for families with 13/over swimmers and Two(2) jobs/shifts for families with 12/Under swimmers. If you happen to have both then you will need to work two (2) jobs/shifts to fulfill the
requirement. Jobs will be posted for sign up within the next week(by 2/5/19). This meet has Friday, Saturday, and
Sunday sessions so there are plenty of opportunities to find jobs that may fit your specific availability. The
fine for not working will be $50 for each required job/shift. While the fine is a penalty for not working this
is a HUGE meet for us and it takes all hands on deck to run this meet. There will be plenty of jobs. This is a great meet for the kids that are swimming and for kids hoping to be there someday. At finals there is an
award ceremony and the A finals swimmers have their pictures on the scoreboard. As a team we do an
amazing job hosting this meet and the swimmers appreciate how special we make it for them. If you have a
13/over swimmer that needs service hours they can work this meet and we can sign off on any paperwork.
    Once again I would like to thank all the parents that consistently work at the swim meets!! We cannot run meets without your support.....THANK YOU!!!!

Jacqui Markatos
OCY Meet Coordinator