SKSC PASS Meet Write Up

Sunday, January 20, 2019 – SKSC PASS Meet

This past Sunday we hosted a very successful PASS meet, our first of the year. We were able to invite swimmers from Bronze from both pools! Michael, Huy, and Mark also kept the energy up throughout the entire meet by leading a loud and courageous cheering squad!

The meet started with the 100 IM. The coaches saw Aaron and Huy give their absolute hardest throughout the entire IM. Michael had an amazing finish and left all his energy in the pool. Finally, we saw an amazing showdown between Mark and Rhea to see who would touch the wall first!

We then had the 200 IM. Arnold and Kyle swam their first 200 IM’s and persevered through the new experience, even though they were exhausted! Yunha had an amazing finish and give her hardest until the moment she touched the wall. Noah and Martin showcased their toughness, and Johnny managed to finish his entire race even though his goggles fell off. After the race was over, Giulia, Johnny, Li-An, Martin, Esha, Martin and Noah were all LMR qualifiers!

Up next we had the 50 freestyle. Our Knights swimmers impressed the coaches with their kick and their streamlines. It is obvious that everyone had been working very hard in practice!

Swimmers in Gold also competed in the 50 butterfly for the first time. Li-An, Soriyah, Kiefer, Hunar, Eric, Akshay, Martin, Damian, Sean, Tyler, Evan, Roy, George, Sahana, Edward, Yunha, Giulia, Daniel, Johnny, Esha, and Noah all impressed their coaches with their butterfly swim! They have come a long way since the beginning of the year.

We had a 50 backstroke as well where Mark and Kyle stood out by showing off their fighting spirit and kicking their absolute hardest until the end.

In the 50 Breaststroke we had Marykris show off her hard work on her dead frog kick against swimmers from other teams.

Throughout the meet we had the Bronze swimmers swimming the 25 freestyle, 25 breaststroke, and 25 backstroke. Matthew, Leanne, Zaahur, Vincent, Uyen, and Mac all showed off their skills at their very first PASS meet! The coaches loved seeing their enthusiasm for racing.

The meet finished with the 100 and 200 freestyle. We saw Nadia V. and Laraine race each other the entire time. Ethan impressed the coaches with his improved freestyle kick. Li-An stood out as she did her 200 with consistent speed and technique. Johnny’s goggles fell off again but he still finished his entire race!

Good job to everyone who competed, and congratulations to our Skittles Cup Winners Li-An and Noah! Notable mentions went to Huy, Michael, Mark, Johnny, Kyle, Giulia, Soriyah, Nadia V., and Yunha. Thanks to everyone that came out to participate, and a special thank you to everyone who stepped up to volunteer at the meet so that the swimmers could have a fun time!