Changes to GO PERFORMANCE location - Please review - NO "GO" tomorrow

As most of your swimmers know,there will be NO GO PERFORMANCE tomorrow (Friday, Feb 1st) morning due to the location change for GO PERFORMANCE.  I am still waiting for confirmation to see if we will be able to resume Monday, Feb 4th.  We will assume that we are, and I will email you again on Sunday if I hear differently. 

Please note the address of the new GO PERFORMANCE location:

201 Highway 74 S. PTC  

We wanted to provide you with a few additional updates for the new gym space.  


Parking Lot:

The parking lot will be repaired, sealed and re-striped.  They cannot complete this task until the weather is warm for a few days.  Please be patient with the uneven lot, pot-holes and unmarked spaces.  This is on the project plan but they are waiting on the weather to cooperate.  



Unfinished Items:

It's likely that you will notice things that might need to be addressed in the new space. They''ve been working around the clock to make this space as upscale as possible with new equipment and a bettey layout.  They will continue to finish these items over the next few weeks and will appreciate your patience as they work to complete these final details.  




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