Parents - THANK YOU

Thank you OSHY Families.

In 2017, for the first time in 15 years, the OSHY swim team did not cover its expenses. Bringing in the same amount of money that we spend has always been our general mandate from the YMCA. In the spring of 2018, a group of OSHY parents came together to find ways to rectify this. The group met many times, discussed many ideas, and came together with a plan to make sure that at the end of 2018 we didn’t find ourselves in the same situation as 2017. Through the hard work of the OSHY parents group we finished 2018 having brought in more money than we spent by 4%.

 Each family on the team has contributed to this success in many ways.  Whether it was volunteering for our meets, purchasing needed items for the team to sell at concessions at our meets, stumping around town for sponsorship ads or committing to paying all of your balances on time – EVERYONE has contributed to this successful financial transition this past year.  This year, our Champion Meet alone netted $20,000+ for the team – a huge achievement. All the meets that we run not only provide wonderful opportunities for our swimmers but contribute significantly towards our financial stability.

Again - Thank you.

Why is this important?

We are very fortunate to have the leadership that we have here at the Oshkosh YMCA. We are allowed to make lots of decisions that are in the best interest of our swimmers and our families without having to go through an arduous process of justifying the expenses. The reason we have this freedom is that we have shown fiscal responsibility and commitment to the greater YMCA over a long period of time.

What are some of these decisions that we make that benefit our team?

  1. A number of years ago we decided that we would just give away swim caps to swimmers instead of charging families for them like most YMCA / clubs do.

  2. We have been very fortunate to have had some very talented coaches move into our area and because we have put ourselves in a strong financial position where we don’t have to worry about balancing the short-term added expense with increased revenue, we quickly hired them, giving our kids one of the bets coaching staffs in Wisconsin to learn from.

  3. We are able to pay for the training and certification of our officials.As you all know, we can’t run a swim meet without officials and similar to our coaches, we find our team in a great position right now because we have trained so many wonderful officials.

These are just a few of the things that we can do because we have been fiscally responsible over the long run.  OSHY has been and always will be closely aligned to the YMCA’s mission of supporting others.  As members of this team, we understand the bigger picture and have always tried to give back whenever we could.

What are the things that we have done that have shown our greater commitment to the YMCA?

  1. We fundraised for the cost of the flag pole and its installation in front of the 20th Ave YMCA at a time where the YMCA couldn’t cover those costs.

  2. We raised $10000 to help with the costs of a UV filtration system in the hot tub to improve the air qualify at the 20th Ave YMCA.

  3. We raised $5000+ in the name of the Oshkosh YMCA to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina.

  4. We raise money and run mission-based programs like Natalie Camp or the Champion Meet that serve a larger community than the OSHY team or Oshkosh


The OSHY team has always been a YMCA team, but its financial structure has changed over time.  For a long time, the OSHY team had a very non-traditional YMCA financial structure of money flowing in and out of the YMCA budget, like a normal YMCA program AND money flowing in and out of a separate account owned by the YMCA but controlled by the OSHY Parent’s Group. That system served us well for many years, but for a number of regulatory and compliance related reasons that system needed to be changed to the traditional YMCA program structure where all money was controlled by the YMCA. In the old system if we finished a year with a surplus the OSHY Parent’s Group would hold on to that money for future use. Major capital expenditures would be partially or fully funded with this accumulated surplus. Our scoreboard, starting blocks, and lane lines were funded this way. In our current system, when we run a surplus, the YMCA holds on to it for the future AND now when major capital expenditures are necessary they are partially or fully funded by the YMCA, versus solely on the shoulders of OSHY Parent’s Group. On average if YMCA programs don’t run small surpluses there are not funds available to partially or fully fund any major capital expenditures. This year the swim team ran a 4% surplus, which exactly matched the overall surplus of the YMCA which was 4%. This is a good place for swim team to be.  

Moving forward, again this spring we will bring a group of OSHY parents together to look at the upcoming year financially and make sure that we have a plan that allows us to run the best program we can possible run.  If we have a successful Winter Open next weekend and replicate the success of the 2018 Champion Meet next year, we think we will be able to reduce the target amount each family needs to contribute to meet our financial goals.  Like last year, there will be many ways to make that happen and so when these meetings are announced, please be sure to mark your calendars and attend so you can provide your thoughts and feedback.


One final time, thank you all for all you do to make our team strong in every way.


Josh Leggett – OSHY Parent’s Group President

Jay Coleman – OSHY Head Coach

Letter of thanks