Officials Evaluation Meet
Snake River Swimming Officials:
The Winter Championship meet has been classified as an "Officials Qualifying Meet". This means that it will be possible for you to be evaluated for national certification.
The National Officials Certification Program is administered by the USA Swimming Officials Committee. Its primary goal is to expand the education of officials through mentoring, participation and evaluation as well recognizing those officials who have demonstrated their knowledge of swim officiating at each level and position.
Certification includes evaluations, local participation at meets, continuing education, and the training and mentoring of other officials. National certification is required for officiating at many of the "higher-tier" meets. The evaluation can also be a great way to improve your skills as an official, even if you don't plan on getting the national certification.
If you will be attending Winter Champs and are interested in being evaluated, please contact Bruce Stratton (the evaluator) and the meet referees (e-mails below). You should also fill out an evaluation request form, which is included with the meet invitation that you can find posted on the Meets tab. More information about national certification is available on the USA Swimming website (
Bruce Stratton -
Vicki Marsh -
Shannon Tuft -
Glenn Roth, Officials' Chair
Snake River Swimming