BHISM *UPDATE* Entry Report & Relays

BHISM *UPDATED* Entry Report & Relays

Entry Report

***This repot was updated to meet the qualifying criteria of the meet. All events 100 and up have qualifying time standards. If your swimmer did not meet the qualifying time, they were taken out of that event. Because of this, your swimmer's events may have changed. 

Relay Report

We encourage swimmers, especially those participating in relays, to attend the Inter-Generational Meet this Saturday (February 2) at Takoma. Swimmers are encouraged to get their relays together for this meet and to practice the relays that they will swim at BHISM as this is the only time to qualify for Junior Olympics, and Senior Champs Relays, and one of the few times for Sectional Relays . 

If you have questions about this meet, please email Coach Rodger McCoy ( 

Inter-Generational Meet Announcement