Weekly Update Monday, Feb 4 Bronze-Senior

Good Morning Team!

We are looking forward to a great week of fast swimming!  This week we have our first championship meet of the season!  Further information about this meet will go out on Wednesday or Thursday.  Please be sure to read through all the information below carefully.

1.  No practice Saturday, February 9 due to the meet for Bronze-Senior Groups.

2.  Timing Assignments for HPAC:  Timing assignments are now available in the HPAC meet section of our website.  If you can time, please email coaches at  We would like to have this set by Thursday.  

3.  Locker Rooms:  Parents, please be sure to arrive before the end of your swimmer's practice and give your swimmer a time limit to be in the locker room.  Ideally, swimmers should only need to be in the locker room for 5 minutes to get changed and meet parents after practice.  Please remember that parents are responsible for swimmers once they are no longer on deck.

4.  Regional Championships:  Please remember that this meet is a qualifying times only meet, so swimmers must achieve a certain time to swim.  This is not an open meet that any swimmer can attend.  Coaches have a preliminary idea who will be in relays, however, this could change dramatically after the meet this weekend.  Please note that coaches will take practice and meet attendance, work ethic in practice, times, technique and meet experience into consideration when putting relays together.  Coaches will be reaching out to families individually about attending this meet so there is no need to sign up.

5.  HPAC Meet Questions:  Please reach out to coaches as soon as possible with any questions regarding this weekend's meet.  The meet packet is posted in the meet section of our website with details.  We currently have 121 swimmers attending this meet, so please do not wait until Friday night to ask questions.

Go Big Blue Aquatics!