Day 4 Highlights!

The BAC may have saved their past performances for the final day of the meet. As you can see below it was another outstanding day of racing in London. Congratulations to all the athletes!

Top 8 Finishers:


Alanna Casasanta - 1st 14yr Girls

Emma Cabral - 1st 15yr Girls

Camryn Payne - 6th 15yr Girls

Gabrielle Eivers - 4th 16yr Girls

Max Dobie - 1st 15yr Boys

Tristan Berridge - 3rd 15yr Boys



Emily Smith - 3rd 13yr Girls

Fiona Liao - 5th 13ye Girls

Gabriella Casasanta – 2nd 14yr Girls

Abby Forster - 6th 14yr Girls

Mia Pelletier - 5th 16yr Girls

Carter Scheffel - 1st 13yr Boys

Max Dobie - 3rd 15yr Boys

Lei Wu - 6th 16yr Boys



Emily Smith - 4th 13yr Girls

Gabriella Casasanta - 1st 14yr Girls

Gabrielle Eivers - 7th 16yr Girls

Carter Scheffel - 7th 13yr Boys



Emily Smith - 5th 13yr Girls

Emma Cabral - 3rd 15yr Girls

Carter Scheffel - 1st 13yr Boys



Natalie Atkins - 8th 13yr Girls

Alanna Casasanta - 1st 14yr Girls

Camryn Payne - 4th 15yr Girls

Hunter Payne - 1st 12yr Boys