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Preliminary Spring/Summer Group Promotions

Preliminary Spring Summer Promotions

The preliminary list for Spring/Summer Promotions will be published this week. The promotions list will not be final until after Age Group Champs and Sectionals, so if you need to get your attendance up, or need another chance to perform on a test set you will get that chance. If you want to move up you still have a few weeks to step up and make the next level! Just Keep Swimming!

Here is what coaches are looking for when considering promoting teammates

1.  Attendance--Consistenly at or over 80%--Being at practice all the time shows that teammates are committed to thier own success and the success of the team.

2.  Attitude---How does a teammate behave at practice?  Do they attack practice with a love for the sport and their teammates?--An athlete with a positive attitude will always be flexible and adaptive ready to handle new challenges. How do they treat their teammates and coaches?

3.  Effort in Practice---Do teammates execute instructions to the best of their ability consistently day in and day out?--A Teammate who gives 100% in practice will more often than not beat out a talented swimmer with a weaker work ethic.  This effort is one of the cornerstones of long term development at BSC.

4.  Performance--This refers to test sets in practice and performance at meets.  Coaches are looking for teammates that show they are ready for the next level by successfully completing these test sets and applying that effort in racing at meets.

If your swimmer is not on the list please let me know ASAP, so I can make sure everyone is properly placed

Preliminary Spring/Summer Promotions List