Team Update 2.6.19

  Hello everyone!

Championship Meets

Attached is a PDF listing of all the best times I have for the kids. This only includes times that were swam in the eligible time period (since March 1, 2018) for champs meets. It’s listed immediately to the right of the swimmer’s time (in the Standard column) if the time is an AA, Zone or National cut time. You can use this page to see if your swimmer is qualified for the upcoming Championship meets.

Please visit the  summary page of the championship meets on our team website for descriptions and qualifying times. All swimmers who participate in 3 meets for AMFY during the year should plan to attend the Championship meets for which they qualify. If you know in advance of a conflict your family has with the Championship dates, please notify me as soon as possible (especially for AA’s).

As a reminder, no swimmer with 6 or more AA cut times is permitted to swim individual events at A Champs. This is a league rule. For our (AMFY) team, swimmers with 3 or more AA cut times are not obligated to participate at A Champs but may do so if you don’t have 6 or more AA times. You can sign up for A champs in advance, and we can scratch your swimmer from the meet if he/she ends up qualifying for enough events.

If your swimmer is participating at A Champs and is close to an AA Cut time, it’s entirely possible he/she will qualify for A Champs Finals. Finals is only for 11 and over swimmers on Saturday and Sunday. This year both prelims AND finals are held at Trotwood-Madison HS. I hope that ALL AMFY swimmers who qualify for finals will participate!


Relay Only Swimmers for AA’s and Zones

We have a lot of swimmers who qualified individually for AA’s and Zones this year. I plan to first use swimmers who have individual cut times to fill relays for AA’s and Zones. There may be a few extra swimmers needed to complete a relay. I will reach out to those families within the next few days to see if you’re available.

Keep in mind, relays for these meets will NOT be finalized until just before the meet. I’m attempting to give families advance notice to aid in planning, but I can’t guarantee anything. As I’ve always told the kids, the only way to “guarantee” you get to swim at a Championship meet is to qualify individually for the meet!


High School Swimmers

If your swimmer competed for his/her high school this season, please ask the coach to send me a listing of his/her times from the high school season. I don’t always have access to their times, so it’s easiest to get a report from a coach. It doesn’t have to be any specific file format (a printout or PDF is fine). I just need to know the times plus the meet and date for each time. I do have access to the high school swimmers’ times for the upcoming State Tournament meets (Sectionals, Districts, States), so the high school coaches can provide best times up to today if they’d like.


Zones Hotels

The deadline to reserve a room on our team block of rooms for Zones is February 15. The hotel is about 15-20 minutes from the pool in Columbus You can cancel your room up to 48 hours before your stay. It’s not required to stay here, but “last-minute” rooms in Columbus can be hard to find and/or expensive!



Reminder of Upcoming Sign Up Deadlines

Coffman Invite- 2/8

SPY Last Chance- 2/17


-coach matt