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Information about Regional Swim Meet

A few reminders as we head into Regionals this weekend.

Event lists:

·       For our 10 & under swimmers, please write event # and what the event is on your swimmer’s arm prior to the meet. This way when we receive their heat and lanes, we can quickly get that information on and have all the swimmers ready to go. Relays are first event each session so we will need to get everyone organized very quickly.

Warmup times:

·       Friday PM (11-18 400IM & 200BR, all ages 500FR)

o   5:30-5:55, meet starts at 6. Please be on deck ready to go by 5:10.

·       Saturday AM (11-14)

o   8-8:20, meet starts at 9. Please be on deck ready to go by 7:40.

·       Saturday PM (10 & unders, 15-18)

o   1:50-2:10 (10 & unders) Please be on deck ready to go by 1:30.

o   2:10-2:30 (15-18) Please be on deck ready to go by 1:50.

·       Sunday AM (11-14)

o   8:20-8:40, meet starts at 9. Please be on deck ready to go by 8.

·       Sunday PM (10 & unders, 15-18)

o   1-1:20 (10 & unders) Please be on deck ready to go by 12:40.

o   1:40-2 (15-18) please be on deck ready to go by 1:20.

·       In meet warmups will be offered

o   Friday/Saturday/Sunday afternoon lanes 0 & 1 will be open for warmup.

o   Sunday AM session warmup lanes will be in the splash park after 9:30am

o   10 & under swimmers are NOT to use warmup lanes unless given permission by a coach

o   Warmup lanes will be crowded with 15-18 swimmers and we do not want our 10 & unders to get hurt

Timing assignments:

·       Friday PM

o   Need 4 people (Please remember that 400IM is 1st and 500FR is last)

·       Saturday AM

o   Need 2 people

·       Saturday PM

o   Need 2 people

·       Sunday AM

o   Need 3 people

·       Sunday PM

o   Need 2 people

·       It is VERY important that we have these timing assignments filled prior to the meet. There is a signup page here. If we do not have enough volunteers, we will assign people slots to ensure that we fulfill our requirements. The more people volunteer the less each person must do.


·       This meet has mixed relays. This means that there needs to be 2 females & 2 males on each relay. Our entry system has a ‘find best relay option’. We use this to take away any doubt on who should swim in each relay, especially when they are mixed. Relays are never final until we send them to the block. Someone may get sick, be running late, have gotten hurt, etc. Relays will be the first event in each session.

Shuttle Bus/Parking:

·       There is a free shuttle bus  from the Hampton Inn & Fairfield Inn. If not staying at these hotels it will also pick up at the Bartering Barn parking lot. Parking at the pool will be $10 a day or $20 for the weekend, cash only.


·       This is the first of our championship level meets. All swimmers 13 and over may wear a Tech Suit if they wish, as specified by the EDGE Team policy. All other swimmers are expected to wear their Edge Team Suit. Any swimmer 11-12 must check with Head Coach Corey before wearing a Tech Suit. It’s a New England Swimming rule that 10 & Unders cannot wear tech suits.


·       The best part of bigger meets is that we have teammates present to support each other. We
encourage ALL teammates to cheer and support each other. To help this we have paired swimmers with their teammates in each session. With so many practice groups it can become
hard to know all your teammates. This will help our younger swimmers feel more comfortable at
the meet and allow them to get to know our older swimmers. We have such amazing role
models and we want all of our kids to be exposed to positive influences. Just knowing that they have a specific person they can go to can give them great confidence.