General Info and ACTION REQUIRED

Volunteers needed:

EST is hosting the IV Conference meet on Sunday, 2/17. If you are available to volunteer, we'd greatly appreciate your help!  If you have not fulfilled your volunteer obligations, this is your last chance to do so and avoid the $200 fee. It is helpful to sign up for the session your child is swimming--as a volunteer; you will always be able to take a break to watch your child's race.  For this meet, 9-10 and 11-12 year old will swim the morning session, and 13-over and 8-under will swim in the afternoon session

Or you also can work the High School Boys Sectional Meet on Saturday February 16th concessions from 12:00 to 4:00PM to meet the volunteer obligations.   Please sign up today on the website or just show up!

This weekend we need EST parents who are at West Chicago to work out a shift rotation as to who will time at the meet.  EST is responsible to time one lane for each session.   (Also remember - to bring chairs to sit in the gym area/ "bull-pen" until your swimmer swims as bleacher space is VERY limited )

General Team Information:

In regards to the time trial - Time Trials are when you pay a $5 fee to be "officially timed" in a particular swim.  Kids usually do this if they are close to making a "qualifying time" for the regional and/or state meet and didn't get it during the conference swim.  The time trial is directly after the last swim of the PM conference session.   So younger swimmers can return to swim again or stay and wait to swim.   The conference meet is the last day to qualify.  If swimmers don't make the time then that means it is the official end of the season.   If they make a qualifying time - they continue with practice up until the meet they qualified for.    Qualifying times can be found on the team website or go to www.

End of the Season Party:    This year’s end of the season event will be a bowling outing at Stardust Bowl in Addison.   The event will take place on 3/11/19.  Mark your calendars now.   More information will be coming J


Team Gift:   Please email  your swimmer(s) sweatshirt size by Sunday 2/10/19.   Please put “sweatshirt” in the subject line.  If we don't hear a response - we will use the size provided during registration or guess.