Jack Pillsbury, Brim Peabody and Will McCorkle Headed to Colorado Springs!

 Jack Pillsbury (SEAL), Brim Peabody (PPSC) and Will McCorkle (TCST) have been selected to attend the 2019 Leadership Conference at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs April 25-28th!

The curriculum will include:ýX
Personal values and the connection to leadership development; how leadership styles work together ýX
Clean Sport – Safe Sport – D&I – Governance – Mental Health ýX
Pool workouts (one per day)  ýX
Servant Leadership ýX
Social interaction – movie night, scavenger hunt, mountain hike (weather permitting), community service ýX Breakfast with Olympians ýX
Conducting an Athlete Leadership Summit in your LSC

Looking forward to what they bring back to share with MESI!