Regionals Recap!

Western Region Short Course Championships

BAC had an outstanding showing in London at the 2019 Western Region Short Course Championships, winning an incredible 17 Gold Medals! A big congratulations to first time qualifers Fiona Liao - Festivals/Ontario Youth Juniors, Camryn Payne- Ontario Youth Juniors and Hunter Payne- Festivals.

75% Personal Best or better

Nicholas Adams
Natalie Atkins
Ellie Bolton
Emma Cabral
Alanna Casasanta
Gabriella Casasanta
Graydon Dickson
Max Dobie
Sophie Dube
Alfonso Espinoza Faria
Abigail Fellinger
Abby Forster
Brendan Gibson
Madelyne Gruenwald
Leo Huang
Niamh Kukla
Ellery McLean
Josh McDougall
Hunter Payne
Lauryn Phillips
Carter Scheffel
Emily Smith

Tristan Berridge- 2nd 200 fly, 3rd 200 IM
 Emma Cabral - 1st 200IM, 400IM, 50back, 3rd 200back, 200breast
 Alanna Casasanta - 1st 200IM, 400fr, 2nd 100fly, 3rd 50 fr
 Gabby Casasanta - 1st 400IM, 200breast, 100breast, 50fly, 2nd 100back, 100fr,
 Graydon Dickson - 1st 100 breast
 Max Dobie 1st 800fr, 200IM 3rd 100fr, 200breast, 400IM,
 Gabrielle Eivers - 2nd 800fr, 100fly, 3rd 200fly
 Madelyne Gruenwald - 3rd 800fr
 Fiona Liao - 2nd 50fr
 Josh McDougall - 1st 1500fr
 Camryn Payne - 2nd 200fly, 400IM
 Hunter Payne - 1st 400fr, 3rd 800fr
 Carter Scheffel - 1st 200bk, 100fr, 2nd 100breast, 3rd 50 fr
 Emily Smith - 1st 200breast, 2nd 200fr, 3rd 100fr, 100breast
 13-14 girls free relay- 1st Fiona, Abby, Alanna, Gabby
 13-14 girls medley Relay-2nd Gabby Alanna Emily Abby

- Festivals
Fiona Liao 50fr
Hunter Payne 400 fr
Carter Scheffel- 100 breast, 100fr, 200 back, 50 fr
Emily Smith - 100 breast, 100fr, 200back, 200 breast, 200 fr
- Ontario Youth Junior Championships
Emma Cabral - 400IM, 200IM, 200breast,
Alanna Casasanta - 100back,
Max Dobie - 200IM, 400IM, 800FR,
Abby Forster - 100 fr
Fiona Liao 50 fr
Camryn Payne 200 fly
Carter Scheffel - 100brest, 100fr, 200back, 50fr
Emily Smith - 100breast, 200breast, 200fr
- Ontario Swimming Championships
Emma Cabral - 200IM, 400IM
Alanna Casasanta - 200IM
Gabby Casasanta - 100back, 100fr, 400IM
Max Dobie 800 fr

First time Qualifiers
Fiona Liao -festivals/Ontario Youth Juniors
Camryn Payne- Ontario Youth Juniors
Hunter Payne- Festivals