The Value of Participation in High School Sports
The Value of Participation in High School Sports
As we all prepare for the upcoming High School Championship Meets, it is important to be mindful of the purpose of High School swimming.  High School Championships is only one step in a long season and a series of championship meets. We are asking parents to partner with the coaches in teaching sportsmanship, empowerment and accountability in a team environment.
High School sports, and especially swimming, provide a valuable classroom for learning life lessons that reach well beyond the pool.  Student-athletes learn competencies like self-discipline, putting team before self and the value of hard work. By building self-confidence and leadership skills, they are better prepared to handle competitive situations in life. They develop qualities that are needed to become responsible adults, productive citizens and skilled professionals.
High School swimming offers the opportunity to develop and refine and our role as a member of a team.  This development is a continuum and one meet, one race or one season does not define your character or success in life.  We do not have to look any further than the Olympics Games to see that respect, integrity and dignity are more important than medals.
Please keep the High School swimming  championship experience in perspective in order to recognize the full value of the experience. Be a leader in supporting and cheering on the entire team and all teammates.  Realize that team success far outweighs personal accomplishments.  Take pride in being a valuable team member and a supporting figure in a teammate's life.  The athletes who appreciate these goals are going to be well prepared for future endeavors in college and life. Thank  you for partnering with our coaches in supporting this perspective.