NTC Team Update Feb 8, 2019

NTC Aquatics Team Update

Friday, February 08, 2019

NTC Last Chance To Dance-

  • Check In-
    • Senior 2 practice before meet at 7am.
    • Senior 1 and Age Groupers- Be on deck by 8:15am.
  • Warm Up 8:30am, Meet 10:00am.
  • Other Info-
    • Be sure to wear team colors and green NTC caps. 
    • Bring a team suit or practice suit for warm up. You will have time to suit up before races begin. Wearing a tech suit during warm up will wear it out!
    • While goals at Last Chance Meets are likely time related, be sure to focus on the things we can control and that we’ve worked on in practice. If we take care of those things the times will come!
    • Thank you in advance to all team families for your help in pulling off the meet this weekend! We’re expecting to welcome over 500 swimmers from other teams during the next two days!
Upcoming Meets and Events-

Riptide Winter Classic-

  • Entries are finalized for the meet. The coaches have made a few changes to swimmer event requests as we prepare for Area 2 Champs, begin to work towards some team event goals, and look to try some new challenges. 

Champs Meets- FLAGS FL Spring Senior Champs/Sectionals

  • Coach Gibb and Coach Alex will be submitting entries for each of these meets on Monday after we’ve reviewed results from this weekend. Be sure to commit your swimmer to available meets/sessions and to have your swimmer look at their potential event requests.

Area 2 Championships-

  • This is the last short course meet of the season for most Lightning swimmers and attendance is strongly encouraged for all team members not attending one of the other Championship Meets. 
  • Sign up and event request is open now. Swimmers have until Thursday, February 28 to commit. 

Summer Meet Schedule-

  • Coach Gibb and Coach Alex are currently working on the summer meet schedule and will post soon.
  • Our summer meet schedule will begin with the Karen Hohne Memorial Invitational here the last weekend in April. 


Team Communications-

  If you have not done so already, please visit the team website and enter your phone number for SMS communications. Also please be sure to download the ONDECK mobile app from your device’s app store. These two forms of communication will become more and more important as we head into the summer and right now only about ½ half of the team is active. Should you need any help getting set up with these features please see Coach Alex.


  • A special shout out to NTC Aquatics senior Kali Bush on signing her National Letter of Intent to swim at Lynn University next fall!
  • Another special shout out to Coach Bill's whose daughter is getting married tomorrow!

See you at the meet! Let’s go Bolts!

NTC Coaches