Post Regionals Practice Schedule

All UASC swimmers are expected to practice through the last championship meet, in which they are competing.  All practices after the Regional meet will be held at UAHS.  The typical "post-Regionals" practice schedule (PR Schedule) for swimmers competing at the Barbara Kay Mini-meet and the Ohio Short Course Junior Olympics will be as follows:


11 & Over JO Swimmers: 5:30-7PM

Barbara Kay Swimmers: 7-8PM

10 & Under JO Swimmers: 7-8:15PM


Practice Schedule by date:

2/19: PR Schedule (see above)

2/20: Time Trials.  No Practice

2/21: PR Schedule

2/22: PR Schedule

2/23: All JO Swimmers 9-11AM

2/24: No Practices.

2/25: PR Schedule

2/26: PR Schedule

2/27: PR Schedule

2/28: PR Schedule

3/1: PR Schedule

3/2: All JO Swimmers 9-11 AM

3/3: All JO Swimmers 3-4:30 PM (JO Dinner to follow)

3/4: All JO Swimmers 5:30-7 PM (HS Banquet night.  Banquet Attendees 3:30-5PM)

3/5: All JO Swimmers 5:30-7 PM

3/6: All JO Swimmers 5:30-7 PM

3/7: TBD (5:30-7@ UAHS, or practice at OSU if offered)

3/8: JO Meet