SRST Billing Important

Hello SRST Families,

Billing reminders and updates...

  1. All accounts will have an extra $15 charge for the Feb. Divisional Meet.  This is the food charge we have for all our hosted meets.  This offsets the expense of paying for the food for officials and coaches during the meet.
  2. I missed getting the Jan. meets on the last invoice, but they have been added.
  3. March is the month SRST charges the 2nd half of the annual fee.  This is a $200 per account charge.
  4. Due to snow closures accounts have been adjusted to give a 25% discount for March (this is per swimmer).  This was all done by hand so if you notice your particular billing category was not adjusted just email Ben.  If we continue to lose days I will adjust the discount for March by an appropriate percentage.
  5. I have not yet invoiced the Feb. Divisional meet, but it will be added once the meet is done.
  6. I have not yet invoiced the people who did not volunteer at the last hosted meet.  I will be reviewing soon.  Remember SRST does not want to charge families....we'd much rather have the help on deck.


VERY IMPORTANT:  All members are responsible for their own account.  Please make sure credit cards are not expired (if you use a card).  You can adjust any time you like to "pay by check" or "card" or "ACH".  You can also add/edit emails any time by logging in and making those adjustments.  The one thing members can't do is delete a card, so if you want a card deleted off your account just email Ben and let him know which one.


Coach Ben