Officials Training - Join us on deck!

 Hello SWAT!

Officiating is a great way to involve yourself in the sport our children love. I myself started out and was determined not to be "that person" that went all in. I told myself over and over that I was only going to help as needed. Now, I am on the Wisconsin Officials Committee with a voice for all officials. 

Cyndy Raatz is incredible. If you are thinking of something to do, like white shirts and shoes, consider taking the class. If you are a SWAT official and work more than half of the SWAT held meets sessions, you receive 50 dollars off your swimmer's dues for the next season for both Long Course and Short Course. SWAT also covers your yearly certifications. It is a win all the way around.

Check out the USA Swimming website for more information. 

Cyndy can be reached at

There will be a set of stroke and turn and starter/ref classes on Saturday evening, March 16 at WSAC right after the afternoon session of Y State. (Well, right after the time trials after the afternoon session, which is typically 10-20 minutes, as it is only allowed for those close to Y National cuts.) Let me know if you have anyone interested. These classes will be dual USAS and YMCA. Both classes will run simultaneously and be taught by Linda Klope and Cyndy Raatz, but we will swap between the classes to present the USAS and Y pertinent material. All technical rules and videos remain the same for both USAS and Y certs.
For those wanting to do a Y recert at these levels, they may also attend whichever of these classes is pertinent to them. If you were included in this email, you either have your Y cert expire some time in the next 9 months, or you requested a class for yourself or others. This is not to be confused with the Level II Y recert for those who have been a Level II (starter/ref) for more than 5 years, which will also be held that weekend. Let us know if you want/qualify for that.)
If you have parents attending Y State that you want to become officials--especially parents of younger swimmers--please recruit now.  You can encourage them to arrange motel dinner & play dates with other families to allow those parents to attend the class. Stroke and Turn lasts about 3 hours. Starter/ref lasts about 4 hours. Commonly there is plenty of hospitality food leftover for us to chow down while moving straight from the meet to the classes (so we can finish as early as possible). If not, we can order some pizza or Culver's.
These classes will be $30 each for the Y cert and $25 each for the USAS cert. The Y cert includes certing for 3 years and a patch/deck credential. (You get Y shirts by working Y State!) The USAS cert gets you a Wisconsin Swimming polo shirt and name badge (for the S&T level) and a whistle and bell (for the starter/ref level), but you will still need to pay the annual dues of $70.
If you have any questions, please let me know. This is open to USAS parents AND Y parents. You may do Y-only, USAS-only or dual.To do Y, you must be associated with a Y team.
Cyndy Raatz, Y State Meet Referee
Linda Klope,  Y of the USA swim official trainer