Weekly Bulletin

Check out the highlights in this week's bulletin.

  • Championship Season | Check out this year's championship t-shirt design.

  • Practice Schedule |   Click here to view the practice schedules.

  • Swimmer Awards | Rewarding swimmers for their progress during the season is important. 

  • Save the Date | LESD Team Banquet is scheduled for 4/28.

  • Group Swim Lesson Instructors | Enjoy kids, teaching the sport you love and earning money? Become a group lesson instructor.

  • District Leadership | Check out two new volunteer positions with Lake Erie Swimming to help the local swimming community. 

Championship Season is Here

The Championship Season is upon us. All of our Coaches are excited about every single Silver Dolphins' event and proud of all your hard work, commitment and progress so far this season. As a part of all non-travel championship meets, LESD will be supplying all entered swimmers a team championship t-shirt. We are excited to announce this year's design that compliments the 2018-19 team t-shirt. 

Also here are some tips on meet preparation:

  • Get your swim bag packed the night before. That way, you can get some extra time to sleep, and won’t be stressed and rushed in the morning.
  • Do whatever you want that keeps you stress-free. Play with your pet, watch a movie, read a good book. If it makes you happy, do it – as long as it is not physically strenuous.
  • GET SOME SLEEP! We cannot stress this point enough. Sleep is the body’s way of healing itself. The average teenager should get a minimum of eight to nine hours of sleep each night.
  • Try to keep the big meet off your mind as much as possible. It is completely natural to have the “what ifs” creep in. Acknowledge those thoughts and find a way to replace them.
  • Show up to the meet 15-20 minutes before your warm up and find a space. Make it a place where your fellow Silver Dolphins can congregate. After all, you are all in this together.
  • Find your coach, and let him or her know you have arrived. Your coaches get nervous, too! 
  • Make sure you get in right when warm-up starts. Warm-ups can be crowded. However, if you play the game right, you can get in an effective warm up.

Practice Schedules

Please click here to view all practice locations

If you have questions, please contact the corresponding coach for the swim group/practice location. We will continue to update this schedule and point out any changes in the weekly bulletin but also post the updates in the schedule tab on

Swimmer Awards

Rewarding swimmers for their progress during the season is important. We are working on making sure all awards are up to date for this season. Check out a few updates on the rewards swimmers can receive. 

  • Meet Awards - Majority of meets throughout the season provide awards for various places, but each meet does vary. We are doing our best to locate all awards not picked up from meets and distribute them to the swimmers. 
  • Bars (also known as Chevrons) - LESD provides all 10 & under's stroke bars from the American Swimming Coaches Association when they meet a new NAG Time Standard. Swimmers over 10 can opt to purchase the Chevrons and accounts will be billed accordingly. We are working on making sure all bars distributions are up to date. 

A big thank you to Rachael Horvath, Elaine Lilly and Marie Salibra who are helping with these efforts! If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

Save The Date

More details to come but we cordially invite your family to the 2019 Team Banquet. 


Spring Group Lessons

Do you like working with kids, teaching the sport you love AND making some extra cash? Hawken Group Lessons are looking for instructors for the Spring session. Contact Betsy Tietjen if you or your swimmer(s) are interested.  Lessons run on Saturdays, 11-1:15, March 2 - May 18 (no lessons on March 23 or March 30).  Candidates should be in 9th grade or above, though 8th graders can get work experience as volunteers.

Dolphin Shout Outs

Happy birthday to the following Silver Dolphins  

18th - Ethan Jiang

Congratulations to our January Swimmers of the Month: Click here for January Swimmer of the Month

Volunteer Positions

The Lake Erie Swimming District, which is our local governing body of USA Swimming, has created two new volunteer positions.  Click here to learn more