Callie Johnson - University of San Diego

College Questions


Why did you choose your school?

University of San Diego was the perfect college for me since the beginning. The location and atmosphere is amazing, the swim team was so positive and hard-working when I visited, and the academics will definitely provide me with a solid foundation after I graduate.  There is not one negative feature regarding the University of San Diego, it is everything I could ever ask for in a college.


What are you going to miss about Charleston?

I have lived in Charleston my whole life and have had plenty of time to see all this amazing city has to offer, however I am ready to see what else is out there and California is the perfect place to start. Charleston’s beaches, marshes, and city-atmosphere are very unique and not many cities are able to accommodate all aspects, I think the diversity found in Charleston’s landscape is one of my favorite aspects. San Diego is a very similar city and this may have been part of what attracted me but I also know the people and memories I have made here will never be replaced when I leave for San Diego.


What are you going to take away from your time at SCSC?

There have many highs and lows throughout my time on SCSC but I think this builds character and has allowed me to learn the importance of perseverance. Aside from learning about determination and the results of hard work I will also take away quite a few friendships. Not many people understand how much time swimming or any sport can take up. But I definitely am thankful for the people I’ve grown close with on our team, I think I’ve spent way too many hours with my teammates to not also call them my friends.


What are you most looking forward too when you go off to college?

I am most looking forward to the independence and positivity in college. In high school most teenagers stay very sheltered so I am excited to finally see what it will be like living mostly on my own. The atmosphere at University of San Diego seemed very positive and uplifting, so I am also looking forward to meeting new people and teammates.  


At what age did you start swimming year round?

I started swimming year round at age 6. I am 17 now and can easily say that is a long time. But apparently I just can’t get enough, since I’ve dedicated four more years to the sport. Honestly I do love swimming and it has been quite a journey watching how the number of swimmers dwindle as we get older but I’ve stuck with it and am so happy I have. I could not imagine my life without swimming and without all the additional experiences it has provided me with.


Are you going to be swimming in College?

I am absolutely going to be swimming in college and I am so pumped about it, University of San Diego here I come! Go Toreros!


Any idea what you will major in?

I am currently undecided but I am interested in mechanical engineering as my major and a minor in either Spanish, marine science, or psychology. I am not the best at making decisions, picking a college was hard enough, so deciding what I want to do for the rest of my life is challenging.


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