Sarah Mundy - Colorado State University

College Questions

Why did you choose your school?

I chose Colorado State because I loved to academic program they offered and felt that I could achieve my dream through the amazing courses they offer. I also chose them because of the locations, I have always wanted to live in another state so this is a great opportunity to see another part of the country.


What are you going to miss about Charleston?

I think the first thing I’m going to miss about Charleston is the food. I love southern food and the way that southern food makes you feel. I think I’m also going to miss the beach, even though I hate the heat, I love the ocean and having the beach so close by will be missed.


What are you going to take away from your time at SCSC?

What I’m going to take away from SCSC is my amazing friendships, and that I can create a second family through my friends. I have also learned from SCSC how to respect others opinions, to have open conversations without judgment or prejudice, and to see other points of view that I wouldn’t find anywhere else.  


 What are you most looking forward too when you go off to college?

I am looking forward to having snow days. I love the cold and in Charleston we never get winter, so I think I will like that change. I’m also looking forward to gaining knowledge and expanding my opinions though the diversity that college campuses offer.


At what age did you start swimming year round?

I started swimming year-round around age 9. I was with a YMCA team at the time so it wasn’t really as competitive as USA Swimming. I started competing for USA Swimming around age 11 and shortly after I moved to LTP, which then merged into SCSC three year later.


Are you going to be swimming in College? 

Yes, I will be swimming in College and I couldn’t be more excited to join the amazing family that the Colorado State swim team has to offer.


Any idea what you will major in?

I will be major in Nutrition Science with a focus in Dietetics. It’s a mouth full, but in a nut shell I will learn how the conscious choice of what we eat effects our bodies and minds, and how to help people improve their lifestyle to make their bodies and minds healthier. 


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