Long Course Season

Hello EMAC!

Every year when I type this email it just feels like it’s way too soon.  However, Long Course season is quickly approaching, and we have entry files that are due on March 1.  So, here we go….

Long Course Swimming – What is it?

The meets in which we compete over the winter are held in a 25 yard pool, otherwise known as Short Course Yards (SCY).  USA Swimming meets over the summer are held in a 50 meter pool, otherwise referred to as Long Course Meters (LCM). 

Long Course Swimming – Why do it?

There are many benefits to both practicing and competing in Long Course.  USA Swimming did a study about ten years ago and found that how many times a swimmer competed in a Long Course race predicted success in that event at Olympic Trials.   When the number of LCM races can separate the cream of the crop from the rest, clearly there are huge benefits to racing LCM.

Many people claim that LCM is twice as long as SCY.    Yes, 50 is two times 25.  However, to a swimmer this is nonsense.   To understand this, you simply need to compare stroke counts.  A swimmer who takes 7 strokes a lap in a SCY pool will take 21-24 strokes per lap in a LCM pool.  That means that the swimmer is experiencing three times the amount of strokes in one lap of LCM compared to a SCY pool.  This makes it imperative that a swimmer learn how to maintain a high integrity of stroke technique.  And, this is exactly the benefit of training in a LCM pool. 

Long Course Competitions

Our LCM competitions will go from May through early August.  See our Long Course Schedule HERE.

For several of the meets, the meet information and event file has not yet been released.  In fact, two of the meets aren’t even on MA Swimming yet.  However, we need to be ready to send a file on March 1.   Please go ahead and commit your swimmers.  If there is a day that you cannot attend, please explain using the “notes” section. .

In our On-The-Horizon email, we stated that the deadline for committing to these LCM meets in Feb 25.  We are moving that deadline back to Feb 27.  Coach Doug will be available on Tuesday, Feb 26, during the Bees and Wasps practices to answer any questions parents may have regarding LCM swimming.  

We strongly urge swimmers to do at least two meets in May, and commit to Champs.  We will not get into a LCM pool for practice until Mid-June, leaving only 4 weeks of prep time before Senior Champs.   These May opportunities are invaluable because they offer swimmers a chance to practice LCM long before we have access to a LCM pool. 

Last year we had a group of swimmers that followed our plan, committed to the May meets, and swam through Senior Zones.  Those swimmers had a LCM season that lasted 13 weeks…and they swam amazingly.  We also had a group of swimmers who didn’t compete until mid-June and did not compete past Senior Champs.  Those swimmers had a LCM season that lasted 4 weeks.  It’s easy to understand how one path will lead to more improvement than the other. 

Long Course Practices

We will train in a LCM pool at Emmaus Community Park Pool from mid-June through August.   We encourage all EMAC swimmers to compete in LCM.  We will be releasing our Spring/Summer info shortly.  Please review and pick the group that best fits your swimmer’s needs. 

If you have any quesitons regarding LCM Swimming please let me know.