World's Finest Chocolate sales going strong!

World's Finest Chocolate sales are going strong!

World’s Finest Chocolate allows us to buy a box of bars for $30 and sell it for $60; $1 per bar.  Each family should try to sell two boxes so we can easily generate over $2,000!!!  If you're low on bars or haven't received your second box, get them from Amy Campbell who is at the Y most every evening

You have until 3/4 to sell out, to give Amy your money & return any unopened boxes.  

THESE SHOULD BE SOLD TO NON SWIMATHON CONTACTS. You should not be contacting the same audience to sell these, take them to your friends at school, other sports teams, swim meets, church, etc. Unopened boxes can be returned without charge.

Amy Campbell is helping coordinate this & will be at the YMCA for pick up & money return most days of the week.  If necessary, she can be reached at or 434-882-2481