Progress Reports

Iron Athlete Progress Report

Iron Athlete Report

This report includes all meets that DC Wave has participated in since the beginning of the season. If your child swam in another USA Swimming sanctioned meet, even if you sent us the results, this will not be included in the report. Those events will be included when calculating the Iron Athlete’s at the end of the year.

This also includes how many swim meets your child has participated in. This report only includes those meets in which we went together as DC Wave. The age-up date used for the report above was 02/22/19.

Please note that the LAST CHANCE DUAL MEET, and the CHERRY BLOSSOM CHAMPS MEET were not included in this report. 


What is Iron Athlete?

The iron athlete challenge was created as a way to introduce our swimmers to the many different distances and events that exist in competitive swimming.  Our program seeks to develop swimmers in all four strokes, sprint, middle distance, and distance events, so as to give each athlete a balanced competitive swimming foundation to build upon at the high school or collegiate level of the sport. For the guidelines  click here, or see our  team handbook


​Does my child have to complete the Iron Athlete Challenge?

No. However, many of our swimmers want to challenge themselves. This is a good measure for them as they get to experience the different events offered for their age group. It is also a good tool to use if you or your child has goals of moving up a group.


​What if my child ages up before they complete it?

If they age up before they have completed it for their age group, it simply means that in order to complete the challenge, they will have to fulfill the requirements of their new age group before the short course season is over.


How to read the Iron Athlete report

  • They are divided by age group with February 22, 2019 being the determining date.
  • The required events are highlighted; blue for 8 & undersgreen for 9-10yellow for 11-12, and orange for 13 & older.
  • If your child's name is highlighted in purple, that means they have completed the iron athlete challenge for their age group.

Attendance Report

Attendance Report

This report is from the start of this season until February 14, 2019. 

***Please note that we have had some technical issues with this app and as such, some of the attendance records have been affected. If the numbers seem weird to you at all, please speak with your child's primary Coach to address any questions or concerns as they are tasked with taking attendance for their groups.  


Why is Attendance Important?

As we are a high in demand club, we use attendance to gauge team participation and involvement. We have a policy for the team which allows those with high attendance percentage and have meet our swim meet requirements to register first.


Excused Absence Policy

Excused absences are only granted for medical illness and injury, health related issues, or family emergencies. These must be communicated to your child's primary Coach in advance or within 24 hours of the missed workout(s).

  • Academic or other extracurricular conflicts are not granted as an excused absence.
  • If your child has a pro-longed injury, such as a broken bone, we do ask for a doctor's note and to keep your Coach(es) updated throughout the recovery if looked for excused absences for the entire period.
  • If you child has a cronic health issue, we ask that you send us a doctor's note explaining the situation, and communicate with us in advance or within 24 hours of when your child will be absent due to those conditions.


How to read the Attendance Report

  • Dark Blue: Priority Group 1
  • Light Blue: Priority Group 2
  • Red: Priority Group 3

*These designations are only based on attendance; swim meet participation is required as well. Please see the Iron Athlete report to see how many meets your child has attended. 


Registration Priority Group Descriptions

  • Priority Group 1: This group includes swimmers who have attended 60% or more of their scheduled practices and have met the swim meet requirement of at least 3 swim meets. This group will get to register first. Registration for this group generally opens up mid-summer.
  • Priority Group 2: This group includes swimmers who have an attendance percentage between 40%-59% and have met the swim meet requirement of at least 3 swim meets. This group gets to register after our tryout period. There is no guarantee of spots, however historically we have had room in most groups.
  • Priority Group 3: This group includes swimmers who have an attendance percentage of 39% or less and/or have not met the swim meet requirement of at least 3 swim meets. If you have a high attendance percentage, but have participated in less than 3 swim meets, you will be placed in this group. This group will be the last to register with no guarantee of spots. Registration for this group opens up generally around the end of September.


Swim Meet Requirements:

As we are a competitive team, swim meets are required. If your child is hesitant about competitions, we encourage you to talk with your child's primary Coach as we offer a variety of different meets (qualifying meets, dual meets, mini meets, etc.). They will be able to assist you to find swim meets which would be best suited for your child.