7 Habits of Highly Effective Championship Swimmers

7 Habits of Highly Effective Championship Swimmers

1) Come to Practice
Now is not the time to be missing... it is the time to be fine-tuning.  Get your athletes to workout everyday you can.

2) Work hard at practice when you get there
Getting to practice is half the battle.  Make sure you are ready to rock when you get to practice.  Take pride - make every lap count - do your absolute BEST.

3) Rest hard to fuel the machine
Your body needs rest now more than ever.  Limit the late nights - do your best to get to bed early.  Your body (the machine) will thank you later.

4) Eat the Rainbow to fuel the machine
Take a pass on the bag of Skittles and eat healthy over the next few weeks.  Swimmers can get away with a lot when it comes to diet, but athletes who eat healthy foods feel better, train better and rest better.  

5) It is in the details
At practice, pay attention to the details of your race.  Starts, turns and finishes need to be paid attention to during every set!  

6) Listen to your coach
No self-rest!  When your coach says to go hard, GO HARD.  When your coach says to go easy, GO EASY.  Pay attention to the years of experience our staff has to offer and listen to what we say.

7) Dream Big, Believe and Visualize Triumph
Use your time at practice to visualize yourself winning a race as you touch on a set.  Use your time 5 minutes before bed to picture yourself executing the perfect start, turn, and finish in a race.  Believe in YOU, believe in YOUR WORK, believe in your DEDICATION.  Get excited and know you can succeed.