LCSC Coho Update February 20, 2019

LCSC Coho Update              20 February 2019  

Congratulations Coho swimmers at District Meet!
On the heels of a very successful Coho Polar Plunge, nearly 50 Coho swimmers trekked to Saline West HS for the Michigan Swimming Blue District Meet.  As we await official results from the meet administrators, we congratulate all of our swimmers for a great team effort!  
Top Coho swims include:
Addison B.   100 fl                 Courtney B.   100 br             Sophia G.   100 IM
Corinne G.   100 IM               Charlotte B.   200 IM                        Ella H.   100 IM
Allison R.   100 IM                 Annabelle R.   50 fr               Alexis M.   100 fr
Haleigh C.   200 br                Andrew S.   100 bk               Ada T.   100 IM
Lydia C.   50 br                      Gavin L.  200 IM                   Erin Wen.  200 IM
Mara G.   50 fl                                    Luis R.   50 fr                         Abbey J.   100 bk
Joseph S.   200 fr                   Brendan C.  200 IM             Arnav K.   100 bk
Karla L.   200 IM                   Jillian B.  50 bk                    Ishan K.   50 bk
Luke T.   100 br                     Alex M.  100 fr                      Maggie S.   100 IM
Maya B.   50 fr                       Maddie L.  200 br                Nathan C.   100 IM
Bryce C.   100 IM                   Kara S.  100 bk                     Addi M.   200 bk
Amelia B.   200 fr                  Jocelyn D.  50 fr                    Joan F.   200 br
Jose F.   200 br                      Amy M.  100 bk                    CJ C.   100 fl
Andrea S.   100 fr   

Question: Should I keep swimming after my last meet of the season?
Answer: Absolutely!

As swimmers officially race for the last (and best) times this season over the next few weeks, coaches remind swimmers that the best way to keep improving health, fitness, and speed is to keep swimming.  Session II practices run through March 23.  Coaches will continue to emphasize improving technique, fitness and endurance, and having fun with teammates.  Session III begins March 25 (with the first week of April off for spring break) and continues until the end of the school year.  Tell your friends that evaluations and tryouts will be held throughout the month of March; bring a buddy during the month to see if they have the swimming bug! 

Quickest Ways to Improve Swim Times During Championship Season
Sharpening up on the details, each and every stroke, turn, and finish, is the quickest way to improve swim times now and all year round.  Coho coaches emphasize the importance of streamlines and fast, powerful, underwater kicking.   Coaches also emphasize attention to body position, kicking rhythm, and stroke technique.  The magic occurs when swimmers are able to hone those skills over a period of years.
With JO’s and States within a few weeks, Coho swimmers can guarantee faster swims with cleaner starts and turns, better streamlines, stronger underwater kicking, acceleration through breakouts, and attention to excellent technique.  Coho coaches are ready to provide the February boost to your swimming, but the real boost is from within!   

Team Dinner Thursday, February 21
The Coho Team “Fire Up” dinner is scheduled for Thursday, February 21, at the One Under.  Swimmers and coaches will gather to enjoy camaraderie, recognize accomplishments at the District Meet and qualifiers for the upcoming Junior Olympics and State Championships.  

Schedule Update
Week of February 17:Thursday evening practice (Feb. 21) is early practice only, 4:00-5:30 p.m., and all dry land is cancelled due to HS swim meet and Team Fire Up Dinner.  All other practices are to run as scheduled.
Week of February 24: Friday and Saturday practices (Mar. 1-2) are cancelled due to HS swim meet.  All other practices to run as scheduled.
Week of March 3: All practices to run as scheduled.
Week of March 10: All practices to run as scheduled.

Racing Update
Mar. 1-3   2019 Michigan Swimming Junior Olympics at Saline West HS
The next level of racing is the Michigan Swimming JO meet. Qualifying times are posted at practice and on the Michigan Swimming website.  This meet is the last chance to qualify for state championships.  Sign up deadline has been extended to  Saturday, February 23.
Mar. 8-10   2019 Michigan Swimming 12 & U State Championships, Jenison, MI
State championships are the highest level of racing in the state.  Coaches will review our results and plan for the state team members following the Polar Plunge.  
Mar. 14-17   2019 Michigan Swimming 13-14 & Open State Meet, Ann Arbor, MI
Mar. 23   2019 8 & Under Swim Finale, Howell, MI
A fun way for our youngest Coho swimmers to finish the short course racing season.  Information is posted on the team website; entry deadline is March 13.
Mar. 28-31   2019 Central Zone Spring Sectionals, Indianapolis, IN
This regional-level competition brings the best of the Midwest together for racing to the finish of the short-course season. 

Fire Up, Cohos!
Your LCSC Coho Coaches