Long Course 2019 Coaching Staff

2019 Long Course - Elmbrook Swim Club - Coaching Staff 

- From Head Coach Brent Boock

I am happy to announce that ALL our fantastic staff will be returning for the Long Course Season! Also thrilled to say that there are 13 swim coaches, 2 dryland coaches, and 2 administrative managers (17 total!) helping the Elmbrook Swim Club engine run smoothly and keep moving forward to bigger and better things.

Our Staff's dedication, energy, and enthusiasm is unrivalled. We are proud of the tenure of our staff’s service to the Elmbrook Swim Club. This is a special group and we strive to find and retain the best people who can best help our athletes achieve excellence in life through swimming!

There will be some reshuffling in the Senior Coaching ranks. Coach Laren Tiltmann will be stepping down as Lead Senior III&IV Coach and moving into an assistant role with the Senior I&II Groups. Coach Anthony Kolbus will be shifting from Senior I&II assistant and taking over the reins as new Lead Coach of the Senior III&IV Groups.

Coach Laren Tiltmann who has coached the Senior III&IV Groups for 9 great seasons and introduced “Senior Swimming” to 100’s of Elmbrook athletes has a few words – HERE. Thank you, Laren! For your years of leadership & welcome to the Senior I&II Group!

Coach Anthony Kolbus who is thrilled to lead the next generation of Elmbrook swimmers into “Senior Swimming” has a few words “ Hi friends, I'm really excited for this opportunity to continue developing young swimmers into champions in and out of the pool, continuing the great tradition set forth by Laren. It's going to be fun for all of us and I can't wait to get started!” Thank you, Anthony! For taking the reins of the Senior II&IV Groups.

Below is the full Long Course Coaching 2019 Staff and “general” responsibilities.

You can read full Bio’s on our staff – HERE.

N2&N1 – Lead Coach - Van Donkersgoed

N2&1 – Assistant Coach – Kristin Malloy

N2&1 – Student Assistant – Jordynn Balducci

T2&1 – Lead Coach – Carissa Paasch

T2&1 – Assistant Coach – Tracey Plate

T2&1 – Student Coach – Clare Freitag

A2&1 – Lead Coach – Mike Rose

A2&1 – Assistant Coach – Anne Leupold

S4/3 – Lead Coach - Anthony Kolbus

S4/3 – Assistant Coach – Margaret Lotzer

S4/3 – Assistant Coach – Tracey Plate

S2/1 – Lead Coach – Brent Boock

S2/1 – Assistant Coach – Laren Tiltmann

S2/1 – Assistant Coach – Margaret Lotzer

All Groups – Assistant Coach - Tricia Casper

Business Manager – Debbie Catani

Administrative Manager – Emily Wanezek

Senior I&II Dryland Coach – Dwight Sanvold

Senior Yoga Instructor – Trina Schaetz