April swim meets note

As we look forward into April, we will have our first Long Course meet in April and at same weekend, we will have another short course meet to attend. Due to the various limits from both meets, here are some rules to follow when you enter your swimmer into the meets:

1. Long Course Dick Lavave meet: this meet wil require a qualifying GOLD time for your swimmer to enter, so any swimmer who has a gold time will need to enter this meet (there is no exception, see below why). So we expect all swimmers from Senior, Adv, HS, Reg and some from Age to attend this meet. 

2. Short course Marin Morrison meet: this meet is restricted to 40 swimmers in total so this meet is in general for swimmers who did not qualify for above Dick Lavare meet, thus, Nov, Dev, Pre-comp and a few Age group swimmers. When the entry exceed 40 swimmers, we will have to cut the entry to 40 swimmers, and we will use combined Group, Age, Number of events entered and previous meet attendance factors to cut by the coaching group (we hope we do not have to do this).

3. Gold time achieved in the coming Feb Div will be used for the Dick Lavare meet enter, the system will be updated by next Wen in time for you to enter. 

4. The deadline is March 3rd - there is no exception per meet enter rule, so please observe this strictly. 

Our goal is to let max number of swimmers to have the opportunity to swim in a meet with limited swim meet opportunities.