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Championship Meet Info from Coach Jim

As our championship meets draw near I wanted to address some specific questions regarding the meets..

Suit Up & Shave Down - Part of swimming at a championship meet is setting yourself up for fast swimming. We will be preaching to the swimmers that they should be getting extra sleep, eating healthy, and drinking plenty of water which will get their bodies fresh and ready. Other big things swimmers often do is shave down - legs, arms, face sometimes even head - and put on the fastest suit they have. Whether it is a tech suit or just a tight fitting suit, every little bit helps. Though these things may seem insignificant, they make swimmers FEEL fast in the water. And the value of confidence cannot be overstated.

Tech Suits - Tech suits are swim suits made with specific technology that reduce drag far more than a standard swim suit and compress muscles in a way that increase blood flow and make swimmers more streamlined. They make you swim faster. Period.

Relay Only Swimmers - Please notify me directly if you have a relay swimmer and will not be attending the meet. My expectation for the whole season is that part of the committment to the team is that you compete at your last championship meet. If you are a member of a relay that qualifies, you are qualified and I need to know as soon as possible if you are not going. I assume swimmers are attending unless I hear otherwise.

Hotel Info - Zones Info is posted under the hotel info tab HERE. There will not be a team hotel for Q1.

"Taper" - You may hear the word "Taper" thrown around in regards to practice in the next few weeks. This term refers to how we draw back the yardage in practice the week before our big meet. We spend more time refining strokes and the technical aspects of the race, like starts, turns and finishes and less time conditioning. Swimmers love this time of year as it is kind of the light at the end of the tunnel. The long, intense, practices will be over and it will be time to feel light, fresh and sharp. This is how we can show up with our very best when it matters most.