Stingrays News Update - week of 2/25/19

Good afternoon, Stingrays!

A few quick notes this week:

  • If you have already completed your final meet of this season, your last day of practice (if you are still attending) is Thursday, February 28.
  • If your last meet is the YMCA State Meet this weekend, then Friday, March 1 is your last practice.
  • If you have Zone or National cuts, well…to quote my little friend Dory, “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming….”
  • If you are looking to keep your swimmers’ skillz intact because they worked so hard this season, sign up for March Clinics! Info can be found here.
  • SAVE THE DATE: the fall/winter season Awards Banquet will be held on Wednesday, April 17 at Glen Oaks! You will be getting a link shortly to sign up. Swimmers are free, and parents and other non-swimmers may attend for a fee (generally around $22-$25 per person, but stay tuned for an exact amount). If you do not RSVP, your swimmer will not receive awards for the season unless you specifically request them by the RSVP deadline.

Other REALLY important things to note about TAPER TIME: As the swimmers “taper” (which is a fancy swimming term for resting by TAPERING down the amount that they swim in practice), they will get a little bit squirrelly. Even feisty. But let me clear up some rumors about “taper time”:

  • Yes, they will have more energy, but they should be getting MORE REST at home. This means EARLY BEDTIMES. And if your swimmer channels their energy into general feistiness and sass, an early bedtime may be a win-win situation. wink
  • You are what you eat, especially during taper. Good fuel makes for good swims. Feed your swimmer healthy vegetables, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. Steer clear of candy and other junk food. Think spaghetti and salad! Plus giving candy to a kid who already has extra energy has disaster written all over it. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU. cheeky
  • Regardless of what your child may say, your swimmer can still do chores. I don’t recommend chopping wood or anything super strenuous, but vacuuming is NOT strenuous. Nor is emptying the dishwasher, cleaning one’s room, or folding laundry. Do NOT be suckered by your swimmer.


This week in the pool:

Practices this week will be focused on getting the swimmers ready for our YMCA State Championships. This is the last meet for a lot of our swimmers so they will be resting up and getting prepared to do their best this weekend.

Senior Group - YNat/YZone - normal workouts will continue with Dryland days on Tuesday/Thursday and test set on Wednesday. 


Senior Group - Y State - we will be resting up and getting ready for the meet. You may be getting out a little early from practice this week if the Y State Meet is your last meet

Gold - we will begin our preparation for the Y State meet this weekend. Fine tuning everything and working on starts, turns and finishes. Going over race plans and the details of mentally preparing to swim fast!

Silver - We will continue with fine-tuning this week. We will focus heavily on perfecting our starts, turns, and underwaters. Sets will emphasize race rehearsal and details, details, details. Please bring an extra, empty water bottle to practice for turn work. 

Bronze-Miniray - swimmers who are still coming to practices this week will get a solid review of the 4 strokes

Good luck to all swimmers this weekend! FIRE UP STINGRAYS!!!